Favourite Under The Radar Things about DiS


@KindRegards 's thing about robin hood style hats
@bugduv 's vendetta against Denmark because it smelled like shit when he went there on his hols

any others?


thought it was pretty funny when Theo started posting in the early hours - thought he’d just been hitting the red bulls hard.


Wake up to regular Theo notifications now, I’m like go to bed guy


ezzer @ing Geoffrey whenever an abbreviation is used.


The articles about music


the simpsons references, amirite?!



The two blokes low key bickering over bike podcasts


@shyguy2013’s posts


The whole cycling thing. :roll_eyes:


How seemingly nice and reasonable posters become boiling caskets of fury in the football threads.




Not the worst offender by any stretch


That’s football fans for you.


wonton’s ice burns have been pretty good recently.


Lost so many wigs over the years I’ve lost count tbh




got to the point where i’ll fire up dis on the train and first thing I’ll do is loudly proclaim won-TOOOOOON!!!



Maybe I should get a subtitle that relates to this third age of trolling somehow