Favourite Wilbury



  • Bob Dylan
  • George Harrison
  • Jeff Lynne
  • Roy Orbison
  • Tom Petty

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Lotta love for Tom, but it’s Bobby D for me every time.


love roy, sad lonely little man

  • Nelson
  • Otis
  • Lefty
  • Charlie T. Wilbury, Jr
  • Lucky
  • Spike
  • Clayton
  • Muddy
  • Boo

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Dylan and Orbison were the most significant musicians of the twentieth century next to Neil Young imo but I just can’t look past Harrison, everything about him seemed to be just right.




whatta guy


it’s kind of mindblowing, the band as a whole. Nothing like that has ever happened again.


Imagine how shit a modern day version of this would be. Dave Grohl and some berks. Probably the guy off Muse. Shit.



Chris Martin
Matt Bellamy
Dave Grohl
Pete Doherty
Alex Turner



I was thinking like Grohl, Homme, Jack White, Bellamy, Noel Gallagher.



:'D i don’t think it’s at all fair to lump in Homme. He’s oddly not quite famous enough. The rest though… Bellamy and Noel in the same band would basically be the worst thing to happen to music.