Favourite/worst films of the year


Near that time innit so why not (please only do films on general release in the UK this year, dont be one of those who saw a film at a festival but its not due out for 2 years here)

  1. Under the Shadow
  2. Victoria
  3. The Blue Room
  4. Childhood of a Leader
  5. Room


  1. David Brent
  2. David Brent
  3. David Brent
  4. that new CHris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence once (not seen but what an awful trailer)
  5. David Brent



Basing this entirely off of stuff I’ve seen at the cinema so I can know for sure they were released this year


  1. Train to Busan
  2. Hell or High Water
  3. Hunt for the Wilderpeople
  4. I, Daniel Blake
  5. Swiss Army Man


  1. American Honey
  2. The Girl With All The Gifts
  3. The Infiltrator
  4. Nocturnal Animals
  5. American Pastoral


Also, I’m still hopeful that I’ll see some really good films in the next month or so as well


Best Film With a 2016 UK Release Date - Spotlight

Worst Film With a 2016 UK Release Date - The Danish Girl


Three favourites from this year

Neon Demon
Captain Fantastic
Hunt for the Wilderpeople


No particular order


The Neon Demon
The VVitch
Under The Shadow
High Rise
The Revenant
Nocturnal Animals


Swiss Army Man


Oh yeah, add the witch to my list


Will do!


just went through my ticket stubs so probably missed some
Hell or High Water
Eye in the Sky

worst (left at the interval):
Suicide Squad


Ticket stubbs and an interval?

It’s 2016 m8


Was son of saul 2016?
Haven’t seen any real stinkers this year but the theroux scientology film was disappointing


it’s not even december yet!


  1. arrival
  2. hell or highwater
  3. 10 cloverfield lane (wikipedia says that was this year?)
  4. neon demon
  5. dr strange, i guess. can’t think of anything better right now


  1. ghostbusters
  2. batman & superman
  3. sausage party
  4. hail, caesar!
  5. magnificent seven

i haven’t seen many films this year.


oh i really liked hail caesar, add that to my good ones list
also lo and behold


some cinemas do intervals and nearly all surely do ticket stubs. it’s just the stub of your ticket


i didn’t really hate it, was just struggling to think of more films


Has 2-1 KFC or Maccys on the back at my cinema so that gets used


Oh yeah, Hail Caesar was better than Swiss Army Man and The Witch was worse than American Pastoral.


Under The Shadow, Son Of Saul and Mustang were the ones I remember as great films I’ve seen this year. Perhaps they Son Of Saul and Mustang were 2015 films but released in cinemas in The UK this year.


Hell or High Water
Don’t Breathe
10 Cloverfield Lane
Don’t Think Twice
The Witch
Suburra (only released here this year)

The Infiltrator
Jason Bourne
The Nice Guys

When did Green Room come out? I loved that. Also lots of stuff I still haven’t seen (Arrival, Nocturnal Animals etc)


loads I haven’t seen


Into the Inferno
Louder than bombs
Uncle Howard
A Bigger Splash


Knight of Cups