Favourite YouTube channels

Seems like I watch more YT than TV lately, so always on the lookout for good new suggestions. Please RTF!

  • Channel name
  • Genre / description
  • Example video
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Max Fosh

Binged most of his vids last night, quite samey but big fan of his persona and drunk idiot students saying stupid stuff

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Literally never got into YouTube in this way. Think I’m officially too old


Annoyance at the posh twats in that video was outweighing the mocking of them, so only made it a minute into that



Very fair, he has ones with less posh students which equally amuse me

@tilty would you like to get into YT more, or are you happy leaving it for the whippersnappers?

remember when youtubers couldn’t make hour long videos. I dont’ have that kinda time, man

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I’m well into TikTok which I think makes me down with the kids. Just find YouTube vids especially very self aware and cringe.

The leftwing gamer ones


just an amazing vinyl collection & all the best music from about 1972 to 1988 (disco, soul, electro funk, freestyle etc)

More so than TikTok? Is it Opposite Day today?

I guess comedy ones are basically sketch shows chopped up into their individual scenes, so they have all the issues that come with sketch comedy too

Also, I watch a SHITLOAD of synth demos and they’re almost invariably shite apart from maybe Mylar Melodies

Tom Scott does some excellent wee educational vids


Also did this which I still love - it’s fun to see Youtubers content and style change over time (often for the worse but sometimes just changing their focus)


Shesez (and others)

extreme nerdery but basically people breaking games and wandering around outside the boundaries. i find these really oddly fascinating for games I’ve played a lot.

Youtuber news

News about YouTubers. a bit like popworld but less good.

Let’s Game It Out can be fun for that too, cried with laughter at this one

Tom Scott and some dude who does bass/jazz theory stuff are basically all I subscribe to. Everything else seems to be Nazis yelling.

Lindsay Ellis does some really good video essays about film and TV


this sounds relevant to my interests, what are these

Her and Every Frame a Painting do the best film content