Fear 😱



According to yer man Theo:
“we’re all too old to be scared by stuff.”

This is clearly utter bollocks,

What scares you (other than fear itself, obvs) ?:scream:


Dying a slow, painful death mainly.


I have a fully fledged fear of ostriches.


Most things.


heh ‘fledged’


Octopuses, squids, general marine life.

_Pave over the ocean_™




I should clarify for you and @ericthefourth I refer only to movies. You can be made to ‘jump’ by something but I just mean they don’t have that ability to shit the fuck out of you and leave you scared of stuff like they do when you’re a kid.

We just get used to horror tropes. When Psycho came out there were people claiming they were too scared to ever go near the shower and suchlike. That was probably true back then but no one adult would be left in that state by the film now.


I feel you’ve misrepresented @1101010 here NV by using that quotation out of context. He was clearly talking about horror films not real life stuff and while I wouldn’t agree 100% I understand what he means.


Thanks VA.


In agreement with you after this clarification.


I wouldn’t go in the sea for two years after I saw Jaws for the first time


boss looking at my internet usage


Theo this is a terrible example. If you’d’ve said Jaws and the sea then fine but nobody was afraid to have a shower ffs.


Theo’s obviously blissfully unaware of the existence of films like Martyrs, Inside, and Wolf Creek. Just thinking about them can ruin my day.


Yeah Theo! Were you expecting a Great White to appear in your bath? Dickhead!


First time I watched The Birds I didn’t visit an owl sanctuary for 15 years.




I’ve seen Wolf Creek. It’s a great suspenseful film. It’s not really scary on any visceral psychologically scarring level, though.

It certainly makes you recall things that are gruesome but I don’t rock back and forth in fear at that.

My point was more that the horror films mates always claimed to be the scariest were the ones they saw when they were in school. The Thing, for example, had that “Oh my god it’s so scary” thing over and over from everyone. I didn’t see it until I was 20 or something and by then it was basically just a suspense-filled action sci-fi. Same sort of thing with Alien.


After I watched Martyrs I totally gave up murdering families in their own home