Fearless Friday

Be brave lads.

I am still bare legged at this stage of September and have two weekend days of having to get up early and do stuff.


How bounce u?

(This is the daily thread)


Eating pizza for breakfast. It’s going to be a good day.

Oh, and happy birthday @UncleRetrospective


Morning @slicky and @weeber; happy birthday @UncleRetrospective too!

We’ve got the first viewing on our house today :partying_face: :grimacing: :scream: :house: So I’ll be going round frantically straightening things up and then trying to seem all cool and relaxed when they come over at midday.


Morning all!

I’m celebrating Glasgow September Weekend by not being at work (@japes - this might be of interest) but I’ll be doing some bits of marking and finishing a job application among other tasks.

Due to absences at Wor Lass’s work, we’re driving down to Newcastle at 5.00 rather than 2.00.

I’m collecting The Child earlier to feed her Happy Meal but I can’t drive so that’ll be an adventure hashtag fearless.


If it is at all possible, be out.

It’s just uncomfortable for everyone if the owners are in.


Feeling a bit better having done my UK tax return. Now I need to do my Aussie one. Wish me luck!

Just saw this, BTW.

Took me a bit of reading the thread to understand but yeah, they’ve created a clone account of stimmyskye with an underscore under it and slammed a paypal payment link so if you saw the original Tweet and liked it you might just go and give some money to them…but you’d be paying the bot account setup to grab this sort of altruism.

Sorry to let the side down, but I’m definitely a bit intimidated by the size of this box


I’ve got to be in, unfortunately! But I’m planning to let them in, tell them where everything is, invite them to look around and then sit in the garden so they’ve got a chance to make honest comments as they go around. It’s looking like a nice day.

Also that space shuttle Lego looks incredible. The eldest has Saturn V.

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I hope the pizza is as good as you hoped. :grin:

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Thanks. :grin:

They deserve the money for that


Ty! I need to be brave today, have a lot of things I’m cowering from

School sent a ‘reminder’ at noon yesterday that there’s a cake sale this morning, though they missed the usual reminder prerequisite of actually fucking telling us in the first place. Made some awful cupcakes and even worse flapjacks so going to take some bravery to try and convince people to pay 50p for them. Probably going to make a about a quid for charity after spending at least £15 on the ingredients :clown_face:


These things should always come with a judgement free “CBA, can I just chuck you a tenner” option.


My mum is coming down today and then we are staying by the sea. Should be pretty good. Kids are very excited and the whole “maybe grandma shouldn’t come down” when they are fighting/throwing balls in faces/riding bikes in the house/not listening,ever has been getting some good mileage.

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Morning, sweet angels of the Internet.

Going to have a chai and some toast and that’s really the best bit bit the day done, unless I have chai and toast for every meal.


Going to work from home today despite that not being OK but just can’t see how when I have to do school run that it’s any way beneficial for the business for me to get in late and leave early then for me to work for several hours at night to make up the hours and lose any social time I have in my life . Of course, this is just good sense but I’ve raised it and have been told we have to be in full time (both if my managers keep working from home for school run reasons though, lol) so I’m just going to have to lie and say I feel a bit ill instead.


It is currently 13 °C in central London. I’ll be walking to work wearing a shirt only.

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Already had one ‘shall we cancel the trip?’ when The Child refused to wear the outfit she’d picked out. The ensuing negotiation has properly ruined my mood.

Might want to put some trousers on as well, mind