Fears and phobias ssp

Let’s talk about them.

I have a fear of bridges. I cannot walk over large ones. I can just about manage ones over rivers but that is aided by having someone with me.

Secondary to this I have a problem with large buildings. I find it difficult to walk close to them and if I know something is in a large building, especially if it is surrounded by open space, I’ll do my best to avoid.

Finally, sometimes and only sometimes open spaces give me the willies.

What do you have an issue with. #ssp

Drawing on the left side of my brain

I used to have a bit of a fear of bridges as well.

I am terrified of aquatic life. Fucking hate underwater creatures, weird dickheads. Sick of em.


moths. literally lose my shit and will run away from them swearing. can’t explain why. can’t even look at pictures of them.

deep water.



But not like extreme heights - fine in planes. Just ones I can comprehend. Buildings generally.

Went up the CN Tower when I went to Toronto years ago, the viewing level has glass floors and the place was full of kids jumping up and down on them. Found it all properly nerve-shredding (despite there being, you know, no actual danger :no_mouth:)


Used to have a fear of stickers as a kid. Could never take one from the dentist without a meltdown. Still a bit weary of them and prefer not to bother with them.

Also have a thing for high staircases. Nothing too bad, but get a bit giddy if I can see the ground when climbing a staircase. Went up a spiral one in a chimney last week and although it was only 10m high, went a weird towards the top. Am absolutely fine in a lift, on a rollercoaster ect…

And not so much a fear but used to be a bit weirded out by the sea when I used to surf. Like how deep it was beyond the lineup and what was floating around underneath me.


Oh, and scorpions. Literally monsters called forth from the depths of my nightmares. Nothing but fire for them if I had my way.

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used to really dislike polystyrene, the noise it makes, the thought of touching it with my teeth. gross.

have a problem with stubble in some situations now, makes me a bit sick


would a country with a large scorpion population put you off moving there? because I’m put off by countries with high moth populations.

Wasps. Can’t even look at a dead one.

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dislike swimming in a large pool by myself. what if they release a shark or killer whale, man.


General anaesthetic. No one respond to this.

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Stickers are grim!


Oh absolutely.

Remember an American friend talking about going somewhere in the SW in the desert where you’d find them on the street or in your garden. Noooooope.

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Oh yeah, another one for me too.

the job I just left told me they used to have ‘atlas moths’ aka giant moths on the grounds.

fuck fucking that.


Just googled. That is one biiiig moth.

i’m not going to do that, but are they bigger or smaller than a standard chicken?

Wasps - used to have nightmares about them as a kid and still totally lose my shit if there’s one anywhere near me

Being sick/other people being sick - really really severely phobic of it. Hard to get across how severely as obviously nobody likes it. Can just about deal with it when the cat does it, I think because I know it can’t be anything contagious to humans.

Deep water - not a full blown phobia but dislike it a lot

Boats - this is partly the deep water thing and partly fear of seasickness. Will only get on one if I’m in control and can go back to land easily whenever I want, eg going on a pedalo.

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I’m really rubbish with heights. I get clammy, start feeling dizzy, the full works. The 10th floor balcony of the Tate Modern is hard work for me tbh.

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