Feathers and bricks

I don’t, I’m afraid. Apologies

Not to worry

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really like the different colours of bricks used in different areas of the country. sometimes I look at them and them and have thoughts and they can be nice.


Unfortunately I could only find data (and even then, an estimate) of chicken feather weight, which was 0.0082 g per feather.

I’m also not very happy with the “about 5 lbs” I found for a typical red brick, but we have to work with what we’ve got, and that would mean 1 brick weighs the same as 276,829 (chicken) feathers.

Google also says that the average pigeon has around 10,000 feathers, which seems ridiculously high to me but I’m not an ornithologist. So you’ll need to catch and pluck 28 pigeons so we can test this out.


Not with that attitude!

to me it actually looks like there’s a slight slant, so the bricks are slightly heavier than the feathers

It’s really nice that you made such a helpful post, you’re alright, you

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Fuck off


Is your head currently straight and also your desk?

when my grandad saw our old house he was very impressed with the bricks. good red brick stock, that, he said. scout knows probably, @scout what do you reckon to the bricks in moss side? good red brick stock, my grandad said. dunno why he would know tbh, he was a firefighter and then a book keeper

odd that bantams are made up of numerous feathers, so must be definition be heavier than individual feathers, yet featherweight is heavier than bantamweight :face_with_monocle:


yes I believe so

the grass is level, but the seesaw does slightly angle downwards on the right hand side

am i seeing things?

That building near the Veno building on Chester Road is well nice and red, eh

I mean, chicken feathers wasn’t what I asked for

Maybe you have a better perception of art than me

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probably that kind of good red brick stock, yeah

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Yeah, same sort of colour innit

yeah i reckon