Feb 2022 UK Politics Thread

New month, new thread. TTF’s got the last post in the last thread:


I tend to think that it’s not a good line to attack the opposition with ‘integrity’ calls because they aren’t really in power. The government failing to do things rings much more strongly.

I reckon they’re more likely to hammer hard on divisions within Labour or its financial issues, treatment of staff etc. Things that make it look like it’ll make a hash of governing rather than worry about trust.

That said, I’m sure the papers will be raking over every single CPS while Starmer was in charge so there’s probably going to be a touch of ‘integrity’ there but not necessarily around pledges like this?

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Oh yeah, I can absolutely see that one rolling out. Every Labour leader will always be accused of being a commie.

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Generally speaking it’s not a great idea to attack any opponent on your own weakest ground. I also think you are massively overestimating how much traction there is in accusing Starmer of betraying his promises. The people who feel he has feel it strongly, but they’re lost already. Nobody else cares.


I mean in the GE there will be an effort to convince a bunch of lost Labour voters that they need to swallow their principles and just try to push the Tories out so I can see it being something to consider on that angle, I suppose. Not sure it’ll have a priority as a tactic, though.

I doubt they’ll be targeted directly in that way

Posted in Jan before I saw this new thread. I thought Starmer’s little speech was very good, and I don’t care for him at all. I had even stopped caring much about this party story. Now I can only speak for myself but as I listened to the speech I wasn’t thinking about Starmer’s shortcomings, I was just carried along by the words and I started feeling genuinely angry again when it was laid out like that. He says true doesn’t he. People lived and died alone, we sacrificed, worked hard to do our bit for months, while the twat Johnson and lackeys were doing coke and drinking whiskey at number 10. They should all be in jail.


I do love to photograph myself and my friends when I’m committing many crimes in my place of work. It’s only natural


Found myself wondering what those 500 pages of evidence they’ve been handed are too. I mean that’s a heck of a lot of quiz sheets and Majestic invoices.

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12 parties being investigated

500 pages of testimony/evidence & 300 photos

That works out at approx 42 emails & 25 pics per party

Seems about right

Well ok, thinking about it seriously is also an option I suppose


This is what they’ll do, as Starmer will come out and deny he’ll bring in good policies.

From the Jan thread:

I think what it more likely to happen is that the Tories do the same as Trump did: claim that Starmer will bring in the sound, leftwing policies of his leadership pledges, and then watch him deny them all, upsetting Labour members and campaigners.

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Think Starmer/Labour’s next move is to constantly undermine Johnson’s claims that his Government defeated covid by saying things like

’It is beyond me how this Government has the nerve to claim victory over a pandemic which left 150,000 Britons dead. What defeated this pandemic was the courage and bravery of frontline NHS doctors and nurses & the sacrifices made up and down the land by British people - isolating and following restrictions while this Government drank champagne and ate cake. Have they no shame?’


And then Starmer winning the next election, just like Biden did.

Big, if true.


This might stick, but for the fact that Labour have barely objected to a single Covid measure that the government have brought in, nor have they really set out what they would have done differently.

That doesn’t matter. It’s handing the ’victory’ against covid to the NHS & the people and taking it away from Johnson & his Govt. It’s also attaching ’but the people did this while you were partying’ every time he claims the ’victory’

Lol https://twitter.com/GNev2/status/1488180238978891781?t=mokJ6yscg1hi8pAlMcxc7g&s=19


Enjoyed the replies to this yesterday. Particularly the person who used this image in response.