February 2021 film thread (old and new film chat welcome)

well impressed by the goob. sure i remember people here bigging it up, guess that helped me decide to watch, so thanks for that.
was earthy but mysterious, really good acting and beautifully shot- wish i’d seen at cinema. luke abbott score. 6 days left on iplayer…
BBC iPlayer - The Goob



Yes, you could say I am a cinephile!


I very much enjoyed seeing Bait and Basketball alphabetically listed next to each other on my Letterboxd the other day.

grosse point blank and tombstone :heart_eyes:

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Stan & Ollie :tophat: Couldn’t overlook Coogan doing his impressions bit from The Trip. That combined with some highly cringe and overly stagey line delivery and cliched musical moments really hindered my enjoyment and connection. Has such a last minute Fathers Day gift for £2 next to the till at The Range vibe. 2/5 (BBC1)

The Lady Vanishes :steam_locomotive: A great adventure of suspense and slapstick with absolutely top draw visual storytelling. The techniques, prop and sound work all forwarding the story are so clever and delightful. 4/5 (BBC2)

Splice :microscope: Certainly goes for a big swing. Misses most of the time, leaving a trail of bad and uncomfortable feelings behind it. 1.5/5 (Horror Channel)

Bringing Up Baby :tiger2: Doesn’t go quite the speed as His Girl Friday, but the words per second are still pretty ferocious. The deviously delightful Hepburn wearing stripes and spots in her various (amazing) costumes is a great touch that I hope was intended. Almost feels as if the thing is falling apart at times and for me got a bit nauseating with all the shouting and constant kerfuffle. Still a fun riot. (3.5/5 (BBC2)


Next Floor :plate_with_cutlery: Greed and consumption with that Denis Villeneuve level of polish. Would work as a prelude/intro to The Platform. 3.5/5 (YouTube)

Albatross Soup :desert_island: The audio was a bit iffy at times, but the trippy visuals kept me going. 3/5 (YouTube)

Lost And Found :fox_face: Heartbreaking and very nearly got the tears flowing. Explores sacrifice and kinship in such a lovely way. 4/5 (YouTube)

Eye Witness :iphone:What a fab tech demo and execution. Wrap that in a more compelling story and you’ll have something truly fresh. Rather surprised i’ve yet to see this technique used somewhere else. 3/5 (YouTube)

Rebooted :skull: A wonderful idea and love letter that is executed so well. Charming, funny and full of classic movie magic. 4/5 (YouTube)

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watched cowboys at the weekend, really enjoyed it although i think it’s had pretty mixed reviews so far

I liked Stan and Ollie.

I think I’m the only person that liked Splice.

Have you seen Holiday also with Grant and Hepburn? That’s excellent.

what’s the best out of all those films that are the same thing - koyanisqaatsi, baraka, samsara, etc? they’ve all blurred into one in my head.

Recently watched:

A Bluebird In My Heart - Bloke gets out of prison on parole and isn’t looking for trouble but then a horrific crime occurs to someone he befriends. Plays out well. On Shudder but isn’t really a horror film at all but a violent drama. Not bad. 6/10.

Cop Car - Shit film where some ten year old kids find an abandoned cop car in the woods and go for a ride as they have innately brilliant driving abilities. The car belongs to bent cop Kevin Bacon who wants it back. Got fairly good reviews. Thought it might be a good no brainer after work. It wasn’t. 4/10.

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Collective - Really engrossing documentary following the corruption that followed the Bucharest night club fire in 2015, I naively knew very little about the case and its pretty devastating in parts. 8/10

The Broken Hearts Gallery - Jarring and uneven romantic comedy that suffers from having a lead that is so unlikeable its hard to care when things don’t go her way. Her queer friends, who only get a fraction of airtime, seem a lot more fun. 4/10

The BFI Flare programme has been announced

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i watched 2 films last night:

nomadland - pretty great, maybe not as great as The Rider cos it’s a bit of a struggle to see people as ‘famous’ as McDormand and Straithairn alongside the ‘real’ people but on the whole thought it was very touching and beautiful to look at.

avatar - not seen this since i saw it THREE times in the cinema. still looks pretty great to be honest. fun film. genuinely up for the sequels if they ever actually materialise.

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Mindhorn had the potential to be like Toast meets Alpha Papa but just ended up being a bit under baked and a bit limp sadly.

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sounds generic af. get back to mindhunter, fincho.

gonna watch Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead tonight

Vampyr (1932) - seems odd that this came after Passion of Joan of Arc. Has some striking visuals but it’s a 10-20 minute story stretched out. Still, it is nearly 90 years old so it must have been something else at the time

Homicide (1991) - absolutely loved this. What starts off as seemingly as a straight forward cops after a drug dealer film takes a diversion as one of the policemen (Fat Tony!) stumbles across a shooting and is assigned to, and eventually emotionally attached to, a potential conspiracy against the local Jewish community. Really great

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Swell get that QED report on my desk

Saw Minari ‘at’ the Glasgow Film Festival tonight. Nice film.

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I did that too and also thought it was very nice.

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