February 2021 politics thread - jab and snow

Nice one Dilyn


Do it Boris


This is why you don’t joke about tunnels or bridges when Boris Johnson’s in a position of power.


Get Bridges Done

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Can’t wait to find out Boris has spent more than what was spent on Covid on this with nothing being built in 10 years time.

Also sources describing it as “Batshit” is quite perfect.

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God, imagine if UK unions put up TV adverts like this

Australian Unions do this a lot. Billboard ads and the like.

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I like this (much criticised by right wing media) one:


I think this makes some good points, although it doesn’t quite tie everything together into a conclusion

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Glad our country hasn’t done anything stupid like spend billions of pounds on a few aircraft carriers meant to carry billions of pounds worth of these planes. :grimacing:


Some decent analysis by the FT, going to copy Meadway’s tweet because apparently the main site isn’t a fan of cross posting content :sweat_smile:

If Starmer is really insistent on voting against any rise in corporation tax it seems like one of the most obvious own goals he’s made recently and I’m genuinely curious as to how he’s going to justify it.

Isn’t the line that “we want to see a return to OCED average levels of corporate taxation, but during the recovery from a pandemic is not the time - we need to focus on business investment and growth instead.”

Seems they’re going for the economically responsible/friend to business angle, but I’m not exactly convinced that what they’re calling for is incompatible with a higher tax on profits.

Yes, although perhaps I’m missing something but higher corporation taxes don’t prevent things like investing in R&D or fixed capital (to some extent I guess certain investment allowances are being lowered).

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Yeah, that’s kind of what I was getting at with my last bit… I don’t see why Labour can’t call for both, but I think that’s down to them trying to brand themselves as pro-business / new management still. In my mind it’s a losing battle and the best pitch Labour have had since the earliest of New Labour in terms of cosying up to business in a way that wasn’t laughable is when Miliband talked about “Responsible Capitalism”.

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I thought that this was pretty funny


This is a brave tweet…