February 2021 politics thread - jab and snow

Unionist parties before the election: A vote for the SNP is a vote for another independence referendum.
SNP before the election: We intend to hold an independence referendum if we win the election.
[SNP wins election]
SNP after the election: We intend to hold an independence referendum.
Unionist parties after the election: Now is not the time. Once in a generation. Dividing families. My DaUgHtEr In PoRtSmOuTh WoUlD bEcOmE a FoReIgNeR. More/better/faster/sexier/federal devolution.

lol interesting choice of words

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No words

Bringing in here because it’s not directly corona chat any more


It’s (IMO) an inevitable consequence of private sector involvement.

In my first job as a graduate IT dev/support guy my time was charged to clients at about six times what I was paid!


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