👣 February - 28 Day Step Challenge 👣

Hey :wave:t2: Building on the success of the yoga thread, are you interested in walking a bit more this month? I’m thinking that we could do an individual goal of steps per day or total steps for the month. What are your thoughts? @meowington @colossalhorse @shrewbie @urbanfox @fappable as you all expressed some interest in another group challenge


I’ll get involved. I don’t think I’ll do any extra walking because I already do a decent amount.

Also my stepcounter (a Garmin) consistently says I’ve done 2000 steps less a day than my wife’s fitbit, even when we’ve walked the same distance. Mad eh? (Please remember this when it looks like I’ve slacked off).


That sounds like a really good idea :slight_smile:

I’m in!

I’d be up for this

Tentative yes? I haven’t left the house today so a) I would clearly benefit from this and b) I might end up dropping out very quickly

Could do a low manageable daily goal that goes up as the weeks go on?

That way people might get into it a bit over time if they’re not used to getting out every day.

Week one - 4k
Week two - 5k


Oh this is strange timing, my boss just sent a group email around about doing a walking challenge.

Absolutely loved two lads who go to the gym immediately being like ‘I’M BEING ON X’S TEAM’ and once they’d all argued it out I casually dropped a screenshot of how last year I walked 8.7 million steps.


(but yes, I’m in this challenge pls)



I just checked mine and I did 3.4m in the last year.
How many do you average a day?

I do about 24k a day usually, never go over 30k, rarely go under 18k. But I don’t do it to hit steps - I just walk my commute, walk at lunch time, walk when I’m stressed, walk when I need to find some creativity to write, and obviously, I do the tours (actually hardly any steps at all for the tours, like 7k max on a two hour route, pft) but they’re one a month at best at the moment.

I must say this year is not on track with previous years and I’m not expecting to get anywhere near that much unless tours pick up and work settles down a bit that I have some time to take breaks etc, plus M used to be good on long walks (she’d do 12 miles happily) but now she’s like ‘I have a Nintendo Switch, no thanks’ and if she won’t walk, I can’t walk.


I’m in.

Used to easily do 10k every day in my old job but unless I go out somewhere or take the dog for a long walk, it doesn’t happen as often.

This time of year is a bit miserable for cycling so something to encourage me to take the dog a bit further would be good.

Maybe do 4,000 per day in week one, then 6, 8 and go for the big 10,000 in the final week? Or perhaps average it out across the week, so 21,000 in week 1 up to 70,000 in week 4?


Oh and as for thoughts I wonder if this can be more about setting aside some time to walk rather than steps? Idk. That’s the thing that’s slipped loads with me, used to walk after the school run if I was wfh but now I don’t do that unless I’m walking to the office. Have started sometimes getting the bus and not making time to walk at lunch etc.

It would be nice if one part of it was simply ticking that we’d made some time even if the steps were measly?!

Not sure if that works.


Either of these sound good to me

  • Daily steps goal
  • Weekly steps goal

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The daily check in is super helpful imo do will keep posting those even if we do weekly goals, I think.


Amazing! It’s so good for you and I absolutely love walking. I can’t really walk to that many places (well supermarket I can but it’s under 500 steps!) so I’d love when I go into town and walk everywhere.

Great idea :blush:

I don’t think my googefit step count is very accurate, can anyone recommend a good app for step counting?

@Squandered will cycling count? (if I can even find some way to convert into steps) or just old good old fashioned walking?

Get a Fitbit - I used to come back from a ride to see I’d apparently done 10,000 steps.

I was hoping for a recommendation for something free :wink:

Also don’t want heart rate etc info, it makes me really anxious


Tempted to say fuck it, set a personal goal and just come and tell us you’ve done it?

Personally will aim for 4k, 6k, 8k, 10k, per day but if minutes active (then cycling could def count, @Gnometorious!) or weekly works for any individual, seems fine too?


Then again, like @Scout says, maybe an option to do some walking every day for those who might not have chance to hit the steps target for whatever reason but want to try and do more than they would normally.

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My heart says yes to this, my head says I’ve got no chance of keeping up with it. Think I’d get bored of the possible routes/the time consumption :pensive: