February Film Thread

and Curzon cinemas for a number of weeks (still on some of them now as well as the PCC)


Didnt gone with the wind have a massive box office?

Like I say, not adjusted for inflation. The top 9 in such a list were all nominated for Best Picture


can we make a new thread for the awards chat?

I assumed there’d be a thread on Sunday for the Oscars but we can set up one up now if people want?

A poll 4 u

Also this is the first film I’ve ever really seen him and and thought “Yes, Tom Cruise is a very fucking good actor. A very good actor indeed”


That bit where he started playing against his “movie star” rep with Magnolia and Vanilla Sky and Eyes Wide Shut was well good.


Was EWS good? Think I was definitely too young when I watched it

I’ve not seen it for years either tbf, it’s an interesting role for him though innit

After The Last Samurai and Collateral when his co-stars got Oscar nominations and he didn’t, he gave up on interesting films pretty much. A bit like Jim Carrey after Eternal Sunshine.

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The nominations and the actual awards in the same thread? Madness I tell you!

(makes sense)

I hope he loses the physical ability to do Tom Cruise films soon (on accounts of age, not injury or anything) and starts doing interesting Tom Cruise as an old man roles.


banging his wife for the sake of ol’ man stanley having one last cheeky tug? doesn’t seem that interesting to me

love Collateral, very underrated imo


I wish I was as happy in 2009 as everyone else seemed to be

Eyes Wide Shut

  • Kubrick’s forgotten masterpiece
  • Decent
  • Okish
  • Bad
  • some wisecrack about the piano motif in the soundtrack

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Just went to see The Kid Who Would Be King. I’m disappointed I feel so disappointed by it. :slightly_frowning_face: It’s a really, distinctly average kids film (and very much a ‘kids film’, as opposed to a 'family film). Poor script, wooden acting, unexciting action scenes, absolutely no sense of danger (even by the standard of a kids film) and the attempts at emotion seemed really half-arsed. I was never truly bored, I guess, but it just felt… flat. :disappointed: