February Film Thread

Would watch this over Bohemian Rhapsody any day of the week

Also at least he’s actually singing the bloody songs in this

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This is a fair point - as he goes on to say, winning Best Picture is often the worst thing to happen to a film

A star is born does not look at all interesting, I’m afraid


@TKC watched third murder when i got in last night and still fell asleep about 2/3rds of the way tgrough, hopefully finish it tonight

You’ll get there!

  • yeah ill see it
  • nah way

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Not sure I’ve ever seen Rose Byrne put in a bad performance. One of those good reliable actors.


Would be interested to see all best picture noms ever ordered by Box Office. I wonder how high on the list BP would be. I’m assuming Titanic got the nom and that would be higher, and Avatar (lol)?

(Clearly some older would be a bit skewed as they’ll have a total including all the re-releases.)

Saw Ant-Man finally, the first one from 2015 I mean.

Hitting that strong average-yet-slightly-above-average thing so many of the Marvel films achieve where you find yourself liking it more because of the cast and the slickness than the plot or action.


The Third Murder - finished this on my third attempt how ironic lol! Didn’t love it, felt like it collapsed under the weight of all of the various things it was trying to do and the procedural side of it suffered the most. Massive waste of Koji Yakusho as well.

@TKC i can finally reveal that it is left ambiguous whether he committed the third murder or not. sort of.

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Lego Movie 2 - Felt like a slog compared to the high joke desenity of the first one, didn’t feel all that necessary really.

Then went to BFI to see No Man of Her Own as part of the Barbara Stanwyck season which was just perfect in every way.


Titanic won 11 Oscars. The top 5 Best Picture nominees by box office (not adjusted for inflation) are:

Black Panther
LOTR: Return of the King
Toy Story 3

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Yeah I recall Titanic getting lots. Nutty top 5

LA Confidential was robbed!


Glasgow film festival kicks off tonight :+1:

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Fully #TeamVue on this

You think a Netflix film shoudn’t be eligible for film awards without a proper cinema release?

Yup. I do. Not because the awards are important in any way but if it incentivises getting films out on proper screens then I’m all for it.