February Film Thread

I think Roma gets seen by more people being on Netflix than it does getting a release in London and about half a dozen cinemas outside London

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Sounds like a CEO bitter because he wasn’t able to capitialise on it, tbh. Films and media in general are digested in such contrasting ways to even 10 years ago, so I don’t really see the problem.

I guess if we’re being super pedantic we can say it did get a release, albeit very limited, though I gather it played in a lot more screens in the US than here.

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It’s the exclusivity of it that is irksome though. I know I’m behind the times on this but there’s something about a film being available whenever you want it, wherever you want it that inherently devalues the experience in some way. I’ve not seen Roma yet despite the fact I could just do it whenever, had it got a proper cinematic run I would have seen it opening weekend.

There’s no reason that I can see why distribution rights can’t be shared between streaming services and cinemas.

really wish this would happen sooner with smaller indie films/those with limited release schedules, i’ve lost count of the number of times i’ve missed something at the GFT and can’t find it on any streaming services only to have to resort to other means to then watch it


No idea what’s even on this year, you seeing anything?

Roma did play in cinemas too though…

Have barely looked at the line up as I’ve been chocca.
Will have a look soon though and pick out a few.

Mid90’s is great man, think you’ll enjoy it


Watched Fish Tank on Mubi last night. Saw it when it came out at the cinema but looks like that was 10 years ago (!) when I was a teenager and now I’m older and (a bit) wiser it got me on some new levels. Great film.


Sweet :+1:

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On what, five screens for two nights or something? Bare minimum requirement to make it awards eligible, if that criteria already exists I don’t see any reason why the criteria can’t be made stricter to allow for proper releases.

it just has to have played commercially in an American theatre once in the year of 2018

Not for BAFTA surely?

ok, swap American for British. It played at BFI.

and Curzon cinemas for a number of weeks (still on some of them now as well as the PCC)


Didnt gone with the wind have a massive box office?

Like I say, not adjusted for inflation. The top 9 in such a list were all nominated for Best Picture


can we make a new thread for the awards chat?

I assumed there’d be a thread on Sunday for the Oscars but we can set up one up now if people want?