February Football Fred

If it wasn’t for the emotional Liverpool win Southampton would be properly in the relegation battle now. This will be 4 points from 10 games in 2021.

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That’s an average of…4 points every 10 games


the toffees were upped to the bare minimum degree this evening

feel sorry for any fool who captained DCL in their fantasy team

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Mark Hughes is so dull to listen to jfc



Mad that West Ham lost this weekend and still remained in the top 4. IT IS MARCH.

Loads of games until we play next, so can end up 9th before KO I think.

Said it before but any bids should be a UK / GB one rather than just England.

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Realistically where would they play in Ireland apart from aviva?

Windsor park isn’t that big, (it might be ok), but I can’t imagine them building flash new 30,000+ grounds in Limerick or cork

Ignoring everything else - none of the gaa or rugby grounds are all-seater are they?

You could finish above us at least. Poor Moyesy getting no credit, one hell of a season

Croke Park! It was used for football internationals while Lansdowne was being rebuilt. They’d just have to put temporary seating on Hill 16.

They could conceivably use Thomond Park if they did the same but capacity would be a bit low.

Saw this Tweet earlier.


Windsor’s a bit shite too to be honest. Is there any lower capacity limit for big tournaments like that? Think it only holds 20000

Lowest capacity in 2018 was in Yekaterinburg which was 33k with the ridiculous temporary seating.

Lowest for 2022 is 40k is a stadium they’re still building.

We can dream about it all we want but there’s no way Ireland will ever see a World Cup game, just don’t see this happening.


Not sure what Scott Steiner maths are going on here, but…


gonna be the big 4 qualifying again isn’t it
what a sad little league


United, Liverpool, Chelsea and West Ham, aye. No room for the little guy.


Just checked the table, we’re only 6 points off 4th with 2 games in hand too. Not sure how we’ve remained that close but Up the Cazoos!

With their ever increasing list of injuries, can’t see Leicester finishing top 4, and West Ham don’t have the squad.

Man City
Man Utd