February Football Fred

Just like his dad, Paul Scholes.


The guy is a weapons grade embarrassment. You’re fucking lucky you’re not gonna end up in the second tier, or Turkey, you stupid prick


Danny rose has just gone to turkey

Farewell Sweetest Prince

  • I had completely forgotten all about Danny Rose
  • I knew he had gone to Turkey (trabsonspor I think)
  • Somewhere between the two

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Palace have apparently offered £10m + Benteke for Ozun Tufun of Fenebache. They’ve turned it down.
We’re planning on improving our offer, which I assume will just be the £10 million.


Tbf, sitting on your arse in london on £whatever per week, vs moving to Gelsenkirchen and having to jump into the raging bin fire that is Schalke…


Still laughing at Jizz Hornkamp


Marge, is Lisa at Kamp Horn JIzz?


Fair play to the journos making up nonsense about Joe Willock and Bobby Gilmour to pass off this transfer window

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Seriously. Have you ever been to Gelsenkirchen?

Fucking hell.

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As always, you are years ahead of the mainstream:


I have indeed, I saw Nabil Bentaleb when I was there.

(It’s fine really, just really dull)

V, v, v, v, v interesting…

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Same. Saw Max Meyer when he was being touted as the next big thing.

Gelsenkirchen has that post-industrial, grey desolate feel to it similar to somewhere like Middlesbrough. Once was enough.

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Solksjaer proceeded to hark back to the good old days when, not only would both those decisions have gone their way, but united would have had 3 penalties awarded and Southampton would have been grateful that Fergie let them off with that.

He won’t park in Fergie’s spot you know.

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It isn’t really is it

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It’s v, v, v, v interesting


[mike dean sharpies an asterisk next to sheffield united on the league table]

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it’s a big asterisk against city’s impending title win, that’s for sure


*Sheffield United

Plus I’m pretty sure Gelsenkirchen doesn’t have one of the most beautifully scenic train journeys in the world to Whitby.