February Football Thread: Champions Elect


Literally had no recollection of Steve McManaman ever wearing una camiseta de Manchester City…

the cloob

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“I have seen a lady who plays the saxophone fantastically. Give her big applause”, when referring to a fantastic saxophonist (Dutch)


Big fan of Friday night games.



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100% Jordan’s fault this result


The kid got cocky

Excited for the transition from clunky, immobile midfielder to clunky, immobile ‘15 year old bigger lad Vs a team of 10 year olds’ striker

Jesus Christ that was good.

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Nice to Bamford grab a brace.

Would love to see him get a chance in the top flight. Always been one of my favourite ‘under the radar’ forwards.

One of those strikers who are good in the Championship but hopeless in the Premier League.

One of the worst strikers I’ve seen play for us and I’ve seen some dross.


Also a massive Tory.

@jordan_229 want to talk about Leeds mate?

well done to the Leeds

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Over the course of 4 seasons in the top flight he started 27 times, on loan at clubs that were fighting relegation battles. That’s hardly being given a decent run in a team that can provide him with a chance to shine. If Leeds do get promoted this season, hopefully he’ll finally get that chance

He’s such an odd player, for a striker, has a great first touch and control but up until tonight hadn’t looked like he could finish really…

He took that goal wonderfully though… initially thought it was too narrow an angle to beat the keeper.

The other was a massive deflection, so, fair enough to be in the right place and beat the defence but, ya know…

Really impressed last night with his work rate and dropping deep to find the ball, lay it off then move up again. Easy to look good winning though