February Football Thread: Champions Elect


Thought this was a 4:30 kick off. Bloody hell.


Whose idea was it to let Jamie Redknapp interject every 15 minutes?


Number of empty seats around the ground is staggering to be honest, all bants aside.


Just watch an NBCSN stream. Le Saux and Lee Dixon on co comms is the best commentary team around imo.


can’t think of a more predictable side than us. the players do exactly the same thing every time they get the ball. kante passes it backwards or sideways, sideshow pumps it forward, jorginho does fuck all, pedro makes a diagonal run into the box.


now this I can get into.


Genuinely enjoy Lee Dixon as a pundit


So did Chelsea etc etc


seeing Kante play like this out of position is so depressing


good for the title race if PSV lose this


Le Saux left the BBC after being told they were giving all the big games at the World Cup to Lawro. Much as I actually love Lawro’s miserable schtick, I can see your employer telling you they prefer Mark Lawrenson’s performance to yours being a bit much.


first time I’ve watched you play in months, feel like reaching up to the screen to try and move him


Fucking hell. Chelsea shitting it here.
Top 4 finish for United looking like a real possibility.


feel like pure shit wanna run to you kante


Why can Sarri not just play Kante and Jorginho next to each other? Or is that some kind of affront to the ideals of Sarriball


Tbh, the way Arsenal and Chelsea have fucked it in the last few weeks it’s less a case of United might make the top 4 and more that if they don’t we’ll be hearing about Ole Gunnar Fraudsjear


Irrelevant, Ajax blew it last night.


Like watching Serie A with all these empty stadiums today.


Read this in Lrrr’s voice.


we need to push Jorginho up a bit. he’s so ineffective playing that deep in the premiership.