February Football Thread: Champions Elect


Sad to see that kind of pessimism in these threads


Yeah but united still needed their great streak to capitalise. This would not have been the case under mourinho.


wouldn’t be against giving sarri the sack after the game tbh. then having a big clearout in the summer.


3rd time with mourinhos the charm.


Give it to zolazeh til the end of the season.


Zola and get Jody Morris back from derby til end of season


Big Sam


  • Mou 3: Electric Boogathree
  • Zolzeh
  • Sammy wine pints
  • Other

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Hiddink’s probably still in Roman’s recently called list


Reckon Lampard would do a good job.


Unai Emery is the only person that can save you


Lampard would be my first choice as caretaker at least, but there’s no way he’s leaving Derby for a possibly part time position half way through the season


Rafa II imo.


Nah end of season appointment.


Getting Mourinho back would be fantastic



The hero Chelsea need



dunno, depends who we get in playerwise. don’t want francis’s rep tarnished with this bunch of wankers


Caretaker: ashley Cole
assistant: the bow and arrow he shot that work experience kid with