February Football Thread: Champions Elect


embarrassing this


Got to grudgingly admire City, haven’t you? Most teams 4-0 up at half time, 5-0 up shortly after, would step off the gas a bit, maybe let their opponents get a consolation or two, but they just want to absolutely humiliate Chelsea here.


yeah but then you remember they’re a bunch of drug addled slavers who can’t fill seats for even their biggest matches



Completely fed up of Mourinho and really cba with his toxic attitude and shite football stinking up the league. Hope he’s done in the prem, makes football a drag for everyone


He’d be perfect for Everton actually


lol fucking hell, no hand shake.


are city playing one step beyond as a piss take? :smiley:


When did City start doing the chant Utd have done for about 20 years?


Do city always play one step beyond or is that #classic #banter #shabs ?


Sarri turning into Mark Hughes


Sarri translator gonna be earning his money tonight


Good result



Refs fawning over the big money players. Disgusting.


Absolutely bantered off there in every respect


Man needs a fag.


One of the great banterings



I think even Manchester United would have found it tough against this City side today.

  • Losing 4-0 to Bournemouth
  • Losing 7-0 to Man City

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