February Football Thread: Champions Elect




A small time man doing small time things. I can’t get enough.


Depor just gone one up in our biggest game of the season though, to calm my addled nerves


No shame in losing to a Howe masterclass tbh


It’s been a while since I saw City put a side that wasn’t Burton Albion to the sword like that. There’s been a sense they’ve been edging out the wins in rather grim fashion, too knacked by the schedule to do anything else. I genuinely thought Chelsea might get something today - shut City down brilliantly in the opposite fixture, plenty of time to prepare for this one. Didn’t expect them to basically give up after fifteen minutes.

Think it was a classic example of why it’s not as simple as ‘going after’ Guardiola’s City, as the pundits have it - you need an incredibly disciplined defensive half as well as a pressing game to beat them. Indeed, as Newcastle have shown the defensive half is actually far more important to wearing them down. And, well, Chelsea employ David Luiz.


I’d 6-0 be a deportivo fan tonight!


Imagine not liking Mike Dean


The pressing was truly bizarre today. We pressed well up the pitch but just dropped off as soon as city got into our half. Jorginho does absolutely nothing defensively, and Kante is too far forward to break up attacks near the box. And we changed nothing at half time.

Starting to really resent Jorginho now. I know he gets marked out of games, and that’s the manager’s fault, but when he does get space, it’s just ultra obvious and basic horizontal passing or a 40 yard attempt. All compounded by the fact that we don’t try and change things round to suit different teams or even to counter a fucking 4-0 scoreline at half time


Would be unbearable if Liverpool won the league, the fans would never shut up about it etc.


I don’t like what Chelsea have done to Kante.


This really gets on your goat doesn’t it :smiley:


I don’t like it either Matt. I don’t like it one bit


On the contrary, I’ve been really enjoying what having Liverpool at the top of the table has done to the internet for the last month or so. Absolute batshit insanity from all corners me included


Yeah yeah


Your teams crowning moment of glory, I know.







Don’t you have a Depor loss to be watching?


We’re winning 1-0 ACTUALLY