February Football Thread: Champions Elect


Another red for depor :smiley:


Lol there’s a team in the division - Reus - that doesn’t have a single point.




Sneer all you like but it is actually quite an effective fighting style if your arms are long enough.


You’d have to say that after conceding six goals to a rival team, it’s looking like an increasingly sarri state of affairs for Chelsea and their manager, Maurizio Sorry


Ban request


love the barrage of african memes on twitter after every chelsea game


Imagine if Mike Dean got the Chelsea job


They have 21 or something?


Would quite like paul lambert added to this gif

Btw did we all see Farke’s actual wink to the camera? God I love him


What happened? I saw thrre was a bad challenge but then it all went off in the back


nope, 0 PT





How come? They won the other week. Punished?


Nothing really, just a bit of finger poke of doom


Oh actually, just realized they’ve been deducted any points accumulated and placed on 0 because they didn’t pay any employees for ages.

my bad.


Solskjær would still have them fourth


Chelsea have become so pointless haven’t they



Bilbao have a lovely stadium don’t they