February Football Thread: Champions Elect


Nah theyve got 50 so far


View from the back of the stand vs athletico Madrid last season :sunglasses:


What’s it like atmosphere wise?


Either really loud or pretty quiet. Bit weird.
The lack of away fans is really strange though.

€2 for a beer right outside the ground was good though


Ter Stegen is the best keeper in the world atm


Him or Oblak innit. Anyone who says anyone else needs to #learnfootball


I mean , De Gea is up there


Sarri’s cigarette stub sacked!


Nfm, c. He’s obviously very good but his distribution isn’t quite as good as the other 2, and he throws a couple into his net per season



I think aa a shot stopper he is unbelievable. Fair point re rest of it


Yeah he’s probably the best shot stopper in the world


Harry Maguire’s one of those players who’s innately enjoyable to watch. 10/10 lumbering


Apparently the board have decided that theyre going to appoint solskjaer full time.


I don’t think we have that power.


Ant coached solskjaer with his game, we can do anything if we put our minds to it


Dancing on the streets of Abidjan!


Tweeted the BBC about himself using the 3rd person. Very small time


Reading this artice about ole on the beeb website makes me like the lil guy even more, so nice to see one of ur childhood favs not turn out to be an utter asshole (giggs)

‘When he went home to Norway, he would always come back with chocolate bars to give to those staff members whose hard work at the club largely goes unseen.’


Champions league is back tomorrow. Some proper dingers and a few of the dominant teams having minor domestic wobbles atm, should be a lot of fun