February Football Thread: Champions Elect


you’ve got the wanderers of Wolverhampton versus the brown ales of the north first :neutral_face:


Paul Scholes is managing Oldham


Lol, Scholesy is managing Oldham, the absolute legend! What’s he gonna do next? :smiley:


wonder if this will bring him joy :confused: :laughing:


I’d imagine he’s going to speak to some people at the club about the attributes of his playing squad


Maybe he’ll put one of those weird dummy walls out on the training pitch to help some of the Oldham players practice their free kicks


Manchester United 5 v 2 PSG

Got a feeling that we’re gonna smash them, obviously won’t be able to stop Mbappe getting a couple


Aye, but you’d still expect Schalke to do the business.


Footballing oddity.

It was incredibly windy and because of this wind our goalkeeper scored directly from a free kick from about halfway inside our own half. However, after quite a long time (the opposition were almost ready to kick off) the ref remembered that the free kick was for offside and therefore that it was indirect, and disallowed the goal.

Has this happened in a professional game?
Did the ref correctly apply this rule?
Did you know this rule?

We lost the match and were knocked out of the league cup


I would not. Unless the business is to be comfortably beaten by Manchester City over two legs, of course


I scored a goal like that once (but it stood as it was for a foul).
Perfect conditions of smashing it slightly uphill (like a perfect angle to drive it straight up) and with the wind. I was able to literally smash it as hard as I could.

Despite the luck it’s probably my greatest sporting moment still


I did know it was an indirect FK. I do not know of any examples of it happening though.


Our keeper has an absolutely massive kick, even without the wind. It bounced between the penalty spot and the 6 yard box and somehow everyone missed it. Was worth it being ruled out given that he’d dropped to his knees and started a double fist pump celebration




Mine was just inside their half but the best bit was their defensive line all jumped and missed it (agonisingly close for them) and it was a crossbar and in.

Peak of my life


I often had a punt like this but never scored

To my shame, I’ve let two in as I’m very small and if the trajectory was right I really struggled


Manchester United. The Theatre of Dreams. Republic of Mancunia. European Capital of Trophies.





facebook reminds me it’s 4 years since the best Squires