February Football Thread: Champions Elect


Godspeed You! Warhammer





Nothing will ever beat this one for me, Clive


Mad that they made that advert and got red and blue right instead of the more traditional red or blue. They’ve saged liverpools title challenge, hats of to HBSC



also a classic aye, but referencing Godspeed in a football comic strip is another level for me (plus I remember that Norway game cuz my mate was working as a translator at it, genuinely felt like existential football… AND NOT ALBERT CAMUS IN GOAL FOR ALGERIA)




Always brings a smile and almost a tear


Fuck, how have I never seen that before. Amazing.


The Chelsea fan who sits opposite me, is really annoyed that Man City played One Step Beyond.

Am I right in thinking he’s being a little too precious about it? I’m enjoying it regardless.

  • He’s right, Man City are out of order.
  • He’s been too precious, enjoy winding him up.

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Find it weird that so much actually nasty shit goes on around football fans (not least from Chelsea fans) that people get so pearl clutchy at an obviously completely harmless bit of poking fun


I know its Madness.



Watford played Al Wilson’s “The Snake” prior to the Marco Silva derby on Saturday, all good fun if you ask me


Can’t really see any reason Scholeseh would be a good managerial appointment for Oldham, but good luck to the lad. Can’t begrudge him a chance to play real life FM for a bit.

Wonder if he’ll have to give up his share in Salford… The two clubs could be in the same league next season, and surely that’s a conflict of interest.


thought it was pretty funny tbh.

when it came on I was like this for a split second, which made it even funnier


All good fun - and they’d done it a few times before yesterday - though I would be pretty embarrassed if we ever played Oasis at Stamford Bridge after beating them.


This is the correct take IMO.


think the ‘banter’ started when Chelsea played blue moon when they beat city last year or something