February Football Thread: Champions Elect


one of those things that someone who doesn’t care about football must look at and think everyone involved in football is completely off their heads


Definitely. There are only 5 of them, they’re in their late 40s and none of them are professional footballers.


that’s actually quite funny though and makes more sense than playing a team’s song at them


Enjoying the “Conte was an absolute fucking genius to get this bunch of shitarses to the top of the league and would have sorted them right out if given half a chance” angle.

Get constant joy from Chelsea’s churn of managers, as well as them selling off their best young players to become worldies elsewhere. And only mild annoyance when they win something.


Whilst I’m very reluctant to choose “post-match club music banter” as the hill to die on, I am pretty sure this is untrue and City have been playing One Step Beyond after beating us for a few years now.


Think this Paddy Power/Rhodri Giggs thing is surprisingly decent bants from them. Punching up and doing it in a relatively subtle way (for PP at least), with most of the bants implied without saying anything truly malicious (he can’t think of anyone he hates etc.). As the injured party, Rhodri is well and truly entitled to make a few quid from it IMO.





Fucked it.


Melts away is on the 27th Feb for spurs, actually




Reckon he’s going to hit him with a chair shot or something :slight_smile:


He’s definitely BLADING


Flying elbow off the top of the stands.
Beyond the Mat style damage.


Game’s gone eh boys


Imagine how much Guendouzi would command.


Genuinely, good for him, hope it goes well for him


fucking hell, man.

I know they’re saving on the transfer fee, but I don’t wanna live in a world where Aaron Ramsey earns 400 thousand a week.


Called this trend when Neymar’s move happened. We’re in an era where transfer fees for players under contract are soooo high, that more and more players will simply sit out there contract and demand outrageous wages and signing on fees (see also, Alexis Sanchez). Clubs will be happy to pay them because the alternative is spending £100m on the player alone before taking their salary into account. I shit myself in ways I never used to when a player’s contract is running down now.


if 400 grand was the figure they settled on, imagine how much he was asking for.