February Football Thread: Champions Elect


May well be that he wanted a massive signing on fee, but for accounting reasons they’d rather it spread out, so are paying him that fee in terms of wages.


£83m in wages.
What’s the tax rate in Italy?
He’s probably giving £40m to a fascist government




With £83m he could buy 8.3% of Spurs’s Toilet Bowl, or the equivalent of The Cheese Wing.

Funny how things come full circle.


know all big footy clubs are scummy entities and I’m fine with them being taken for a ride but can’t help kinda think less of anyone who even wants that much money
still hope it works out for him i guess


obviously won’t quite work out this way, but I do wonder how much Mbappe could command in wages and a signing fee if he let his contract at PSG run down.


400 grand and a penny. the lad hates Ramsey


I’d like to think he’s pushing so hard for huge wages so that he can give that bit extra to charity every month.


Oh yeah his charity work means a lot to him


Yeah, but what is he going to give to the Italian government?


I think you’ll find Mr Wenger observed this phenomenon first.

(partly covering his own arse though, obviously)


As much as I like to think I came up with it down the pub, I probably didn’t.


This was actually the case for Adebayor and he gets (and got) absolutely slated


Adebayor’s wife is actually called Charity…Amazing.


Big fan of adebayor. Left arsenal and basically devoted the rest of his career to winding them up


Absolutely bloody love the squad of the team he plays for now that is impossible to spell as well.






Anyone any info on getting a Dortmund tix for a regular league game (@Severed799?)

Will I be able to get one through the site/ stadium or is it touts only?

I come from a club where they give you 10 free tickets with every Oilball purchased.


Absolute team of strange men

Think Turan is in prison for waving a gun around in a nightclub now