February Football Thread: Champions Elect




He’s in hospital or he waved a gun around in a hospital?


woah what a fun team, never even heard of them. would love that squad in the prem, managed by big sam


Haven’t done Dortmund yet but plan to this year at some point, how far/whatvgame we talking? Unless it’s a big game generally speaking most german clubs have a casual fan section, plus it’s a huge stadium, but yeah depends on opponent and time. My lady’s fav is a season ticket holder but dunno how much help he would be


He waved a gun around in a hospital.


Fucking hell.

Patricio has just thrown one in.


In many ways it’s the best place to do it


That’s not good at all (my question was sincere and not a bit btw)


Odd how wolves keep slipping up against shit teams


Clichy, Adebayor and Ba in one team. Lovely stuff.


Almiron is on!

  • Yohann Cabaye
  • Jon Dahl Thomasson

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Thinking Wolfsburg, already booked flights to Dussledorf for the Friday, train across Saturday


seen those given as fouls tbh

was it handball as well?


Big Willy saves the day.

Surprised the ref didn’t blow for a foul though.


Surprised it’s Dubravka costing us 3 points over 2 games but hey ho. We are so close


Nothing like a foul, even by the standards applied to goalkeepers

1 shite bit of keeping a piece, fair result


Newcastle were ridiculously hard done by there. Have no idea how the foul in the corner on Almiron wasn’t given or why the referee hadn’t blown the whistle. Even the goal wasn’t really a foul and ridiculously soft, but hands over the keeper sees goals like that disallowed 90% of the time.


Referees getting the big teams out of the shit as usual.


My hot-but-accurate take on Ramsey, btw, is that his13-14 season was one of the best in the world by a centre-mid in the last 10-15 years.



Should probably take out Xavi and Modric from the equation first btw