February Football Thread: Champions Elect


This goal seems to have been forgotten by everybody.



Nice, I’m going to Düsseldorf next month as missus just moved there) though flying to Köln, but midweek so doubt I’ll get a game in (Also recently learned Fortuna are mates with Ipswich so they can get fucked)


Watching the replays and I’ve got no idea how that goal was given. Soft, poor goalkeeping maybe, but that’s a scandalous decision


Not me but then I was at that game (behind that goal) and it was both the last game of the season (when we had to overturn you by 17 goals) and same season as the Wilshere goal at Emirates


Sorry but to answer your question I reckon you’ll be fine for that game just keep your eye on BVB website


Love how much van der vaart tries to hate arsenal.

He only played for spurs for about 18 months!


Has to really doesn’t he, not like ajax or Madrid have any major rivalries.


Hoogy will be devastated


Ahh no need to apologise mate, appreciated. Will try the site when they come up.


It’s hardly scandalous. I think the reaction of his team mates says it all really.

How did Almiron get on? I only saw the briefest of highlights.


Waited for a break in play and when it happened, the fourth official lifted a board showing Christian Atsu’s number, who jogged off and Almiron ran onto the pitch


second most sexy strike of a football after Pavard


Quite lively, can tell how pacey he is instantly. I like the look of him already

Like I said it was soft but a sickener when the vast majority of the time a forward impedes a GK it’s an automatic foul


Up until his injury he was absolutely insane. Remember thinking, “has Aaron Ramsey suddenly turned into Zidane?”

Didn’t last though.



Think he deserves a lot of credit for coming back from that, not just physically but psychologically, too. He’s still an excellent (if at times frustrating) player even after going through such a major injury.


Wenger deserves a ton of credit for that. His confidence was shot for a year or two and many Arsenal fans thought he was finished at the top level, especially after experiencing exactly that with Eduardo a few years earlier. I remember being so frustrated with Ramsey to the point that I dreaded seeing his name on the teamsheet. He really was that bad.


Gordon Banks died :tired_face:


I’m currently organising a stag do where we’re going to watch monchengladbach play. Have bought 10 tickets but Bundesliga won’t confirm exact time/date until a month before so can’t really book flights yet. It is making me tense and nervous. Does anyone know what sort of games are on monday nights in germany?


Just had a quick look on soccerway and Gladbach haven’t played a Monday night game all season. If it’s anything like Spain they’ve probably got a pool of half a dozen teams they shaft with the Monday night games regularly and teams in Europe that never do