February Football Thread

Rate your team’s transfer window

4/10 for Villa.

Got a bit of deadwood off the squad, mostly loans, without replacing them. Moreno looks an excellent signing already but the only other was Duran who will need to be hungry like the wolf to get a chance. Saying that, he is one of two strikers we have now. Shame we didnt get a backup CM or striker

Genuinely thought we wouldn’t get any one in so it’s been alright i guess.
Only ever seen the midfield lad against us and he was better than our midfielders so that’s alright, weghorsts shit but you know what you’re gonna get so can work round it rather than relying on someone who can’t play 60% of the time.

If we don’t get bought i think this seasons gonna be a false dawn though because we won’t be able to bring anyone in in the summer and we’re desperate for a striker.

4/10 for anyone else probably a 8/10 based on current circumstances


Sold one of our few fit centre backs & sold a couple of promising kids.

But… we got rid of Darren Randolph!! finally! and singed Danny Ings! sure he got injured after 15 mins, but what a 15 mins (he ran around a bit).

I guess we held on to Rice for one more window so we can put a relegation on his CV alongside the Confy title.

Dunno, think we just off loaded some deadwood and brought Tzolis back from loan. Good, I guess?

Is Ings out long? Bit weird we let him go, apparently the Stevenage game was enough for Emery but he knows where the goal is

month I think. seems like a weirdly sensible signing for us injury aside.

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10/10 - Chelsea will win everything this season.

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Sold: two fringe players (Victor Jensen, Lissandro Magallan)
Released: one first choice player (Daley Blind)
Loaned out: two young players (Jay Gorter, Kik Pierie)
Loan cancelled: two fringe players (Lucas Ocampos, Mohamed Ihattaren)

Bought: one goalkeeper (Geronimo Rulli) and one youngster (Mika Godts)

A new goalie was an urgent requirement but there are loads of other gaps in the squad to be filled. Looks like nothing significant will happen until a new manager has been installed.


5/10 for Oxford. Got depth in a couple of areas we badly needed depth in, and looks like pretty quality incoming too.

But two sort of heartbreaking outgoings - our coach John Mousinho went to manage Pompey, and for some reason at the very end of deadline day we sent our best striker Matty Taylor on loan to Port Vale. Absolutely gutted about that.

can’t believe I’ll wake up tomorrow and we won’t have spent 100 million on players :frowning:

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Wout Weghorst - 10/10, no complaints, one of the greatest things to have happened in the history of the club
Jack Butland - As above
Marcel Sabitzer - Dunno, nobody has ever seen him play football before


Hearing Todd Boehly has met Andre Ayew at the airport



Might end up higher based on what So-Shit-zer (Sabitzer) does.

it’s gonna be wild if all those football guys turn out to be binmen tho



Spent quite a bit on players I don’t really know much about
BUT didn’t sack the PE teacher, and not sure getting a load of players in before a new manager (when the manager definitely won’t be here in 6 months) is the way to do business with transfers tbh.

aye, most of them will be wastemen, for sure.

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shh emoji tapping nose emoji

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guess it depends who the coach who lived gets replaced by

or if he does an Arteta