February 'Fuck Football' Football Thread

An actually quite entertaining last day of the transfer window provided distraction from the spectacularly grim spectacle of various other aspects of the Game We All Love. I suppose we can only hope the return of the FA Cup later this week, and Liverpool’s surge back into title contention later this month, can provide similar abatement.

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thought these were in-joke club nicknames for a minute and was trying to figure out who they were

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How often will a club try and postpone a game

Weekly - Burnley
Monthly - Arsenal


Someone’s been doing god’s work on Wikipedia today:



Just been reading about former DiS favourite Jean-Kevin Augustin on The Athletic. What an odd story. All this totally passed me by.

Now in the reserves at Nantes, trying to get going again after suffering with long covid.

It was later reported that Leeds had the obligation to complete a permanent transfer of Augustin due to a clause on Leeds achieving promotion to the Premier League at the end of the 2019-20 season, however Leeds claimed “extenuating circumstances” surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic “nullify the deal”.[36] RB Leipzig threatened legal action over failure to complete the deal, claiming “The legal situation is clear”.[36] Leeds boss Marcelo Bielsa however was quoted as saying it was “convenient” for Augustin to return to RB Leipzig.[36] The disagreement lies with the date specified in the contract by which point Leeds should have been promoted. If Leeds had been promoted by 30 June, the clause was legally activated, however with Leeds still having 6 games to play by this date, Augustin’s loan period ended and he was released by the club. Leeds sealed promotion on 17 July therefore not meeting the required clause date. Leipzig however argue that under the “spirit of the rules”, the transfer should have taken place, as football contracts specify 30 June as the “end of a season”, thus the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic should be taken into account. FIFA confirmed on 8 December 2020 that Leipzig had officially filed a claim against Leeds over the aborted transfer.[37] On 8 June 2021, a FIFA court sided with Leipzig and against Leeds.[38]

Really hate that he was on our books (we terminated his contract when he was found guilty but still)

Hold the phone- youre saying he didn’t win a Ballon D’Or??



Hard to see past an A for Villa. Got a back up versatile defender, one of the best full backs in the league, extended the contract of one of the best keepers we have had, got some good loan deals for the youth players, and signed bloody Coutinho. Targett going is an odd one and we could have done with a DM rather than seemingly pursuing a player on bail

We didn’t have one except for Cantwell leaving so I dunno, C?

Old Firm tomorrow night should be good fun with Rangers only two points ahead of Celtic…

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Impossible to tell

Moved on a lot of midfielders who needed to be moved on, brought in 2 unproven midfielders

Got gazumped by liverpool and Barcelona, but I don’t think we’re that bothered by that.

Didn’t sign anyone despite numerous holes and a threadbare squad. Guess we didn’t sell anyone so that’s something?

Can’t wait till these pricks sell up in a year’s time.

B. Didn’t need that much really but have added decent cover in midfield (Alfie Lewis) and CB (Romoney Crichlow) plus Steven Sessegnon. Would have liked an experienced big ol’ striker since we let Kieran Agard go but not the end of the world.

That bentacur was close to signing for Villa so i did a bit of reading about him as I didn’y know him and Juventus fans were quite damning about him. Enjoy!

Let ourselves get robbed by Barcelona for one of the most exciting young forwards in the world and signed some nobody from Paraguay for the summer. A perilously stripped back squad will inevitably be exposed in the home stretch by our rivals, who have once again gratuitously over-stocked to put their thumb on the scales.


The squad lacked strength in depth in key areas since the summer and we’ve already dropped points and been eliminated from the cups because of that.

We only have seventeen games left this season and our starting eleven hasn’t been weakened by the departure of players who have been in the deadwood category for a while now.

That said, I don’t think we have enough to push us into the top four, which is a shame. We’re reliant on young players who are famously unreliable to make the difference for us. I expected a midfielder and a striker to be brought in at the very minimum but some of the names we were linked with were quite uninspiring.

It seems that qualification for the Europa League is enough for this season ahead of another summer of good investment like the last. I can’t believe that they would go from what was a very sensible summer window to a winter window devoud of any proper strategy. I think what we’ve seen is the strategy and getting rid of these excess players as soon as possible is a key part of it.

Puts a lot of pressure on the summer though, if not the young players for the remainder of the season but we know Arteta is being backed and the level of transformation required was always going to take time.

D. lost odoi, gained Neco Williams which is probably a slight upgrade.

No other business which is us watching as Rome burns basically. Bournemouth have bought the league, just need to hope we can cling on to second

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Bought: No one
Sold: No one
Loaned: Martial, Van De Beek, Amad
Didn’t loan: Lingard, Henderson, Jones, Ronaldo
Still don’t have: A midfield
AOB: …

4/10, mostly for sacking off Martial.