Fedde Le Grand

Not so big anymore is he?


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Really is petite?

Put your hands up for detroit
I love this city


hope he isn’t dead or I’m going to look really cruel

Oh I dunno who he is, thought you were saying that he was dead

he is a Dutchman who DJs

Wonder what Alice Deejay is up to

Probably being better off alone


Ian Van Dahl

The name of the group. Neither of the members are called Ian Van Dahl or anything similar

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Not a person

:trumpet: :trumpet: :trumpet:


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He may have only had one big hit, but my god it was good

wonder if Rui Da Silva is working on anything

not just vocal house bangers, I mean maybe he’s getting really into pottery or restoring furniture

I believe this was mentioned on Never Mind The Buzzcocks.

Seven appearances for Watford a couple of seasons ago.


Never heard of Ian Van Dahl.
Never heard of Fedde Le Grand.

You guys are just taking the piss again.