Feedback for your music feed

I haven’t been able to find a music feedback feed. Post your best new songs here, give feedback to 2 others on their songs.

My new song below, any thoughts, recommendations etc.?


Very nice - I really love your voice, interesting in a very good way.

In terms of production, are you planning to do anything else with it? I wonder if it may benefit from a little reverb on the vocals, maybe blended with some reverb from the piano… but then I’m a sucker for little electronic flourishes and it may not be something you see working.

Either way, good work.

…and as luck would have it, I’ve just uploaded my first new one in ages ahead of a gig next weekend.

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Definitely something I would agree with yes. I think it could use a bit of work production wise.

I listened to your track and the production sounds very crisp and professional. I wish I could give more valuable comments but I am afraid this music area is outside my knowledgeability.

Loving this track very keen to learn of your music I hos an online radio show called The Romstock radio show which feature indie bands and would be honored if I could play your music on my show
This song has a very nice Piano start, Great voice

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you have a great voice. my biggest feedback would be to use less auto-tune, i don’t think you need it.

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Oh what your probably hearing is the weird transitions when we spliced tracks together. I didn’t use autotune but we took many vocal takes to make sure they were just right. But yeah I definitely agree the production needs to be smoother

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i really resonate with this idea of putting drafts out for crowd-sourced feedback. i just started doing this as part of my process for finishing a record (explanation here: [peer review] ingMob - morpho - Releases - lines)

here’s the most recent track, what do you think?


very cool. this is kind of stuff i wanna do. love the percussion.
new track from moi

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Come on now @ingMob the rules are pretty straightforward, yet you’ve said nothing about Daughter that @SunnyB posted.

Play fair.

I don’t see you giving feedback to any other tracks @supersamurai you’re not joining in the spirit of the thread.

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Oh, cool, this thread’s still going. Will have a listen to the new posts later on. I really like the crowd/cloud based feedback approach, good work on setting it up.