Feeding pigeons

Keep seeing carrier bags full of bread and old cake under the railway bridge down my street. There’s a load of pigeons living there and I’m not sure who’s doing it. No problem with people throwing the odd crumb to pigeons in the town square but this looks like some kind of industrial scale feeding operation.
Feeding pigeons? Right or wrong?

Simple folk isnt a very nice term

There’s nothing more impressive than a hundred birds all moving as one.

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Two hundred? Or is that too many?

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Yes, sorry could have phrased that better. Given I can’t change it now I’ll just close the thread. No hot takes on pigeons. Oh well

Can someone close this?

Two times as impressive, I’d imagine.

I could change it to Feeding Pigeons if you want?

If not, @moderators

Yes, that’s okay with me

Do not feed the fucking pigeons.


I like pigeons. Saw some stupid cunt taking a massive carrier bag of bread and feeding about 100 right outside the entrance to a shopping centre. Great, cheers mate ya fuckin idiot!


Probably don’t feed the pigeons. Definitely don’t feed the seagulls.

Now that’s the kind of industrial scale feeding behaviour that I’m talking about.

Feed the goat and he will score


Just remembered being on the seafront at Llandudno, with people actually holding up ice-creams to egg the divebombing shitehawks on. Fucking morons.

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Yes, as has been mentioned before on here many times, seagulls are perfectly capable of shoplifting Doritos when times are hard


Went to Bletchley Park a few months ago and the bit that truly inspired me and humbled me was the war pigeon exhibition. Totally blown away* by how they bravely flew messages over hundreds of miles to serve queen and country. (*as were 90% of the pigeons :frowning: )

I previously considered pigeons to be the mosquitoes of the sky, but now I recognise my mistake. They are brave war heroes and I will be wearing a grey feather instead of a poppy in November. Tl;dr we should obviously feed pigeons #RespectOurTroops

(Sorry but I legit get well excited by pigeons these days)


pigeons are sound


Maybe a local bakery or shop is trying to get rid of their unsold bread/cake on the cheap

Sometimes feed the sparrows too