Feel like it’s really easy to eat vegetarian if you have a lot of Indian and Maghrebi cuisine

Especially if you eat dishes that don’t have any meat in them.


Or if you go to the best restaurant in the world

We cant leave the country

  • Best Restaurant in the world
  • Veggie stuff from Local Indian

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Bit pricy that

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Just what we need, another golf course!


If you’re in London, it’s Meredith’s

You what?

It’s not Merediths, it’s mine

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Meredith’s for value

Not Mildreds? Or do lots of meatless restaurants use names beginning with M?


Is that the name? I could never get it right

egg on my face.

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Not there!

I would love it if low key canteen type vege Indian places took off in the uk. I could happily eat one of these for 90% of my lunches and dinners.

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Emily Meatless

There was one at the Indian community centre where I used to live. Three quid for something similar (but smaller). Lovely stuff

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There’s a good one of these in the Indian YMCA Restaurant in the West End. Very cheap and a decent mix of meat and vegetable dishes.