Feel like that Mumsnet Madness Twitter account really delivered here


Human bodies eh
fuckin hell

I’ve never really thought about people having actual worms that creep out of their arses. That’s quite something.

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Oh boy

Do they come out in the dark? Could you leave the light on and sleep with your bum in the air?

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Strong new entry in the Threads I Wish I’d Never Clicked list.

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What’s that old joke/story about someone having a tape worm and leaving a bit of cheese by their bum and waiting for it to come out so they can grab it… is that real? Who even knows any more.

jesus fuck


Pretty sure when people used to have tapeworms to lose weight they had to tempt them up the oesophagus via food at the person’s mouth?

The old wive’s tale is that you can entice tapeworms out with a bowl of warm milk.

I have no idea if this is true or not, and don’t really fancy googling it to find out.

Threadworms are different - I’ve never heard of them being enticed out with anything.

“DH once taped some to a wart on his thumb and gave himself really nasty burns. that would hurt on your bumb hole”.

a threadworm should be a thing where even after you leave the office you still can’t stop trying to work out how many doors are in your house