Feels like there is some kind of stupid moon every day

Oh its a super worm equinox moon. Of course it is.

Same fucking moon lads. Same fucking moon.


‘The last supermoon of 2019’ - thank fuck for that!

the moon’s big all the time now too
wish it would chill out a bit

Ooh the moon is a bit closer. Its still fucking miles away, try walking there.


I was thinking that recently. Until about five years ago we never had these special moons and now there seems to be once every couple of months? Is it just that the media have picked up on it?


Better than the stupid new words for a bit of snow though, eh

Buck moon (July) is my favourite moon name.

But yes, too many super moons, down with this sort of thing.

Alright, Kate Bush.

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I think the people of this country are tired of supermoons



how many times do you think you actually see the moon?

Maybe one day in ever 10 or 20

The moon is a myth.

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Every day for me Clive. Sometimes during daylight whooooooooo!


the moon only really seems shit and boring because of all the artificial light, moonlight is a powerful and important thing when you’re away from civilisation.

What is rare, perhaps, is that the moon is full after the Equinox, but before the 21st March, so it’s not Easter until after the next full moon.

yeah i like the moon really
was just trying to impress jordan


or some kind of joke answer about letting the moon enjoy cos-play, if that’s what the moon wants to do.

You always impress me x

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How do you feel about the moon

  • Big fan
  • It’s OK
  • Shit or boring
  • Doesnt exist

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Also to clarify I’m also a fan of the moon, I’m just not a fan of saying its a particularly special moon at any particular time. Its always a good moon.