Feels like there's some snooker due on the idiotbox?

I could Google it, but i can’t be arsed.


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Been some on Quest or one of those channels hasn’t there?

Watched a bit the other day when I was at that exact level of boredom where you fancy watching a bit of snooker.

Left to my own devices, I reckon I could watch hours of snooker. It’s mesmerising.


A very unthreatening environment isn’t it. The worst thing that could happen is that someone graciously loses a game of snooker

Wasn’t Ronnie O’Sullivan playing in a toilet the other week?

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Sometimes someone’s phone goes off in the crowd. That can be pretty traumatic.

UK Championships starts next week!

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I like the futility of when someone is (for instance) 45 down with 36 on the table. Knocking the ball around trying to get a couple of snookers and then sort-of shrugging and conceding the frame.

in a toilet?

Yeah I didn’t realise this annoyingly but managed to watch the Northern Ireland Open final - what a match! Trump back to winning ways. Thought Ronnie was gonna duff him up after the interval but no. Fair play.

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The beauty of playing amateur snooker is that the possibility of getting ten snookers is very realistic.

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No! Back at the York Barbican!

Although expect much comment from Ronnie about the earlier rounds and having to play a load of numpties before the real stages.

Hopefully they’ll have been watching the darts guys and someone will try to put their opponent off their game by letting off rank farts for a whole frame.

Yeah when they’re both sat next to each other in the chair. Bet some of the big lads let some right nasty stuff go.

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watched this recently - like that the description and name of the video doesn’t give away who won the frame

i absolutely love a long tactical battle, well up for the UK championship

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Is this now the snooker thread? Awesome - check out the twitter profile of Shaun Murphy’s wife https://twitter.com/EORResearch

Snooker thread just became threatening :frowning:

Yeah. Don’t worry it’s all niceness from here on in.

Smurph’s wikipedia page is confusing. It basically lists every charity donation he’s ever made, to the point that it loks like he’s edited it himself, but alas it still mentions that he used to shag escorts behind his wife’s back, so probably not.