Feels like there's some snooker due on the idiotbox?


There are ways of making the tour a better experience in terms of scheduling etc. without the need for this sort of thing though. Oh and he wants to bring the 2 guys just banned for match fixing in straight away. His motivation is more about the length of tournaments and the depth of the draw, having to play lads ranked 120 in the world etc. Sorry Ronnie you’ve lost the plot on this one mate.


You’ve got to be able to pot the balls too. What would be a total gimme in pool can easily be jawed in snooker.


My highest break is 17 and it was a total fluke. Snooker may as well be wizardry, I am in such awe of anyone that can play half-decent, let alone at Ronnie’s level


Well yes obviously, but accurate position makes pots much easier.


However much of a plonker Ronnien can be i’m still in favour of anything that irks Barry and Eddie Hearn. This is complete pie in the sky stuff, though, obviously.


This tournament’s been bloody excellent so far. The bottom half of the draw has opened up perfectly, there’s literally no combination of bad matches possible in that half. Allen v Robertson will be a cracker. Erstwhile DiS favourite Sunny Akani still in the mixer - he seems to love this one alright. Top half’s less consistent but a Ronnie vs Trump semi would be a special one for sure.

Got a cheeky 5-fold going for the Quarters because I fancy Martin O’Donnell to give Ding a bit of a shock. Not much value other than that.


the chat in this thread about how hard it is to make a break of 30 never mind 50 reminds me that it was via DiS i found out about Neil Robertson’s ludicrous season where he managed 100 century breaks

it’s just so far ahead of everyone else it’s fucking nuts


That makes me actually realise how good Judd Trump is.


Trump’s an incredible player.

Dunno if he’ll ever win the World Championship but I quite fancy him for this tournament y’know. He’s in good nick.


Crikey, just looking at Cuetracker, that NI Open final this year must have been a belter


Thoroughly enjoying this Allen v Robertson match tonight. Very nicely poised now.

Also, is Shaun Murphy on the commentary?


Yeah was great! Not the sort of game/final that Trump wins be he managed to overhaul O’Sullivan from behind which, in recent years, basically never happened. Really high quality snooker. Wonderful stuff.

Yep. He’s not as annoying as I thought he would be, but still annoying. Thankfully I’ve got Eurosport now so can switch over (not that Joe Johnson’s much better)


How do people like the 11-frame format?


Spot on I’d say.


Kyren Wilson doing surprisingly badly this evening. 3-0 down already and not looking good.