No thread? Weird. Anyway, she’s great and she’s got a new album on 14 April.

Three tracks out today and all the vinyl/CD preorders are up at your shop of choice.


Ah, good stuff. Metals is a fantastic album.

Pleasure was great too but, bizarrely, it seemed to be invisible when it came out. It felt like there was barely a review, let alone other press coverage, and it never got mentioned again. Is that just my perception or did anyone else feel the same?

Yeah she’s really great - saw her live a few years back in Deer Lake Park just outside Vancouver, very lovely and memorable evening.

Yesss amazing stuff. Love her so much. Extra points lately for her post about the Arcade Fire stuff

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Not managed to get into her most recent stuff so much but loved the first couple.

Saw her play at a theatre in Manchester and it was beautiful.

She had someone making live visuals using paint on an overhead projector to make her backdrop…things like boats on the ocean just by moving the paint around by hand. Was very lovely. Big fan of her voice and the things she did with kings of convenience too