No thread? Weird. Anyway, she’s great and she’s got a new album on 14 April.

Three tracks out today and all the vinyl/CD preorders are up at your shop of choice.


Ah, good stuff. Metals is a fantastic album.

Pleasure was great too but, bizarrely, it seemed to be invisible when it came out. It felt like there was barely a review, let alone other press coverage, and it never got mentioned again. Is that just my perception or did anyone else feel the same?

Yeah she’s really great - saw her live a few years back in Deer Lake Park just outside Vancouver, very lovely and memorable evening.

Yesss amazing stuff. Love her so much. Extra points lately for her post about the Arcade Fire stuff


Not managed to get into her most recent stuff so much but loved the first couple.

Saw her play at a theatre in Manchester and it was beautiful.

She had someone making live visuals using paint on an overhead projector to make her backdrop…things like boats on the ocean just by moving the paint around by hand. Was very lovely. Big fan of her voice and the things she did with kings of convenience too

Just heard In Lightning on the radio. Wonderful track and I’d probably not have checked it out otherwise.

This is very very much a headphones album eh? In the best way, very atmospheric

Dublin National Stadium 06 September
Cork Opera House 07 September
London Roundhouse 09 September
Manchester Victoria Warehouse 11 September

Victoria Warehouse…brutal.

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I saw her many years ago at manchester opera house and it was incredible - she had an overhead projector (like the old school ones) for the back drop and a woman was chucking paint on it and making live backgrounds of boats and things and then she sang a song under a shower of petals - was very lovely


I hope they bring some strings to recreate the dreamy arrangements.

Having said that, this is so lovely

Shows are in the round…


There is a presale via Spotify for the UK gigs.

Roundhouse prices:
Standing is £62.70
Seating is £48.95

The seats it offered me were the ones right off to the side so even though it is ‘in the round’ I would rather wait to get ones a bit more central to cover my bases for the stage setup.

Doesn’t look like I will be able to make it back to London in time for tonight’s Feist gig at the roundhouse. If anyone is interested in buying two, central seated tickets for less than face value plus fees please drop me a line.

Last night’s show in Manchester was incredible… but it was noticably quite empty. I’d guess under half of the capacity, maybe under a third even.

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Such a shame. I wanted to go but couldn’t justify the 2hr+ drive and £40 ticket. I read the guardian review from the roundhouse and it sounded really special.

Are you able to say (with spoilers) what the spectacular staging moment is that apparently made the whole audience gasp?

I was at The Roundhouse and had a brilliant time. Such an underrated performer, she seems to have slipped under the radar in recent years and just become one of those reliably good acts that no-one is that bothered about any more who just carries on doing her thing.

The standing area wasn’t sold out, but it was pretty full. We were in the seated section on the Balcony.

The moment that The Guardian allude to is literally a curtain drop. After the bit where she reads the poem and then pretends to till the earth on the floor of the auditorium she makes her way to the small bit of stage in front of the projection screen. It has been a really intimate gig up until that point, and this is probably the most intimate part. Then suddenly the screen drops and she has a full band on stage and launches into the rest of the song she is in the middle of with full accompaniment. The rest of the gig is a full band show until the encore when it reverts back to just her and a guitar.

I have posted some pictures in the Last Night’s Gig thread - Last night's gig was - #7727 by cowowl


In Manchester, she picked somebody out of the crowd to take her iPhone and roam around the crowd with the camera, all of which was beamed onto the backdrop of the main stage while she was performing on the smaller stage in the middle of the floor. When she did, ‘Become the Earth’, there was very clever visual effect where we were (ostensibly) seeing the same live footage of the camera moving through the room, except the room appeared empty - as if the whole crowd and Feist herself had disappeared. I’m guessing it was pre-recorded footage of the empty room from before doors opened. Was very cool.

And then there was one last twist at the very end, where she revealed that the guy she’d given her camera to was actually part of her touring party, not a random fan.


Had forgotten that bit. That was really clever, too. All the ideas were really simple but perfectly executed.