Really jealous, these gigs sound amazing

This album’s proper good


Had completely forgotten that she wrote Limit To Your Love.

Is that song more famously performed by someone else?

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James Blake, though I have no idea his was a cover before today

Jimmy Blake eh? Well I’ll queue that up. I’m listening to Pleasure right now as it happens.

Other Feist news; the group chat was recently excited by a picture of her and Peaches working diligently at a recording studio mixing desk wearing sparkly underwear in the early 00s. I’m not gonna post it because nsfw, but there are many amongst us who feel like warping back to early 00s Montreal would be a cool thing to do.


The original is great. I like how differently “waterfall” is pronounced between the two versions

i need to get into Feist, not sure why I never have. The reviews of her last tour sounded extremely good

also this remains one of my fav live videos ever (if only it was higher than 240p …)

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I didnt really know her stuff too well until she happened to be playing a gig in a cool park near Vancouver when I was visiting my mate there a few years back, magical evening.

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Yeah as above. But also, it just sounds like a decades-old standard (which I mean as praise). Plus it was kind of overshadowed by 1234 at the time…did she even release it as a single?

The Reminder is an outstanding album, I’ve heard some great songs from her since but she really was at peak powers on the album.

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For anyone unaware of her early 00’s past there are bits of her and Peaches doing live stuff on YouTube and stuff like this at TRASH

Also i can’t recommend this documentary enough, one of the best docs i’ve ever seen about the making of one particular album (The Reminder), it captures someone going from cult artist level to being on Sesame Street.


I only really got into her with this record. I don’t think I appreciated the depth of her songwriting, because I’d mostly heard the famous tunes like 1, 2, 3, 4 which are a bit ‘thinner’ on some level. Oh boy was I wrong.

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