Fellas, treat yourself

Go to Caffe Nero.


I went to Caffe Nero on Haymarket at 1715 on Sunday

Even if I don’t like coffee?

Get a hot chocolate. I did;


Big mistake, you are missing out on a good 250 calories there:



Tempting… You’re a smart man Jordan.

Enjoyed the comment on the radio this morning from someone from “The League Against Sugary Fun” or whatever they’re called. When it was put to her that “everyone knows that these drinks are just a treat, surely” she sighed and said “but people are treating themselves all the time.”

I want to try the Millionaires Latte from McDo. That chocolate whippy cream :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:
Almost went for one on Sunday but Avery said I had to have just a flat white :cry:

Decided i’d treat myself to brunch before band practice. Got locked in the bathroom and missed my bus. Dont treat yourself, kids. It aint worth it.


Is this a horse bet?

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No. It isn’t.

Imagine though! A horse called Caffe Nero!

Can you literally imagine how funny that’d be?

If I saw a horse named that I’d probably think “huh, how about that”


I imagine it’d be latte out the gate! Hey? HEY?!

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Horses often have unusual names so I probably wouldn’t even bat an eyelid. Zero eyelid-batting from me.

You’ve always been the bravest person here, and the above statement only cements this fact

Literally just had a Starbucks got chocolate in Zug (nr. Zurich). Cost CHF7.70 which is about £6 !!

Got chocolate. It’s hot!

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