Felt like such an ass recently?

So I’ve been waiting for my new phone accessory to arrive and I checked my O2 account but it said it had already been delivered. I was being assisted by a very nice person at O2 and I was on hold while they checked with Royal Mail to see what was what. While on hold the doorbell rings and my phone accessory was safely delivered to me.

I felt like such an ass. Have you felt like just such an ass recently?

This morning I disassembled the blocked sink trap in my mother’s kitchen, carefully cleaned out the blockages and then realised that I had no idea how to put it back together again. I felt like such an ass,

Assumed this would be a @The_Respected_User thread. Felt like such an ass (made an ass of u and me) for that assumption

In the last 10-12 days

The last 10-12 days is “lately” not “recently” :roll_eyes:

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Because its your birthday I won’t call you out as behaving like a real bellend here. Very graceful and dignified and ‘being the bigger person’ of me.

Thank you x