Female 'Ambient' Artists

I’m not one to start to listen to new music just to seem more inclusive but I dont really listen to many woman ambient artists. Not a fan of Grouper (although im willing to be won over) and not really fond of the vocal landscapes of Julianna Barwick and I dont really know many more woman artists in the genre (or at least in my own personal categorisation of the genre). Im clearly missing out on some people here.

Given the question-marks of Pitchforks list being largely male dominated, and knowing that my own such list would fall for the same traps, I would just like to know who they would have put in? Hopefully I will discover some great new music on the way! (im already going to check out Éliane Radigue tonight)

Okay just relised that the criticism was on the gender of the reviewers, not the artists. Still a chance to discover more music in what seems like a largely male dominated genre.

Christina Vantzou


Caroline K

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Midori Hirano

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Kara-Lis Coverdale

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Grouper’s great man - what’ve you tried so far?


I’ll be a little loose with the ambient definition:

Klara Lewis - just released one of the albums of the year: https://editionsmego.bandcamp.com/album/too

Lau Nau - last year this album was one of my favourites:

Mara - more of a poppy piano vibe, but not without ambient influence https://sigerecords.bandcamp.com/album/surfacing

Foie Gras - a darker sort of thing https://foie.bandcamp.com/album/held

Sophia Loizou - https://kathexis.bandcamp.com/album/singulacra

April Larson - extensive back catalogue, would recommend starting with the following though it it’s a little on the noiser end of the spectrum https://aprillarson.bandcamp.com/album/when-you-fall-asleep

Lost Trail - this is actually a husband and wife duo but whatever https://losttraildrone.bandcamp.com/album/nothing-is-fucked-forever

Lovesliescrushing - which is also two people, male and female https://projektrecords.bandcamp.com/album/xuvetyn

Noveller - guitar based:


Just Ruins Ruffers

Cheers. Proper post this will check these out.

Check out dragging a dead deer before writing her off, well it’s definitely my favourite record by her anyway.


Singulacra is great.

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This guy stole all my recommendations :confused:

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If you don’t like Grouper or Julianna Barwick then you should give up


But you could give these a try

MJ Guider
Marielle V Jakobson
Meredith Monk
Anna Homler

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and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith https://kaitlynaureliasmith.bandcamp.com/album/frkwys-vol-13-sunergy


Shit, how could I forget Marielle Jakobson, my most played album of this month? :eggplant:

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Motion Sickness of Time Travel


Her double album ‘AIA’ has some of her most ambient stuff on it, I think; and ‘Ruins’ is a bit of a departure of sorts (not massively, but the predominant focus on just piano and voice makes it distinct from much of her work). I’d also recommend her album with Jesy Fortino (Tiny Vipers) as a good starting point – it’s called ‘Mirrorring’ (also the name of their collaborative project).

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Yeah absolute class act. Completely forgot about her!