Feminist song share

Inspired by DarwinBabe’s feminist article share thread and the INCREDIBLE new song from Petrol Girls which really hits home about sexual violence against women.


Classic. Really excited for the Poly Styrene doc.

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it’s interesting - though not entirely surprising - that a whole bunch of songs that immediately spring to mind were written by gay white men to be performed by straight black women to I guess mainly gay & black audiences that crossed over/spread to the mainstream

no surprise that the messages of self-agency, the casting out of doubt & shame and the pride of unification and solidarity are shared in such a way - not least because of disco & dancing

good stuff

Share them!

Petrol Girls are brilliant. Talk Of Violence was one of the best albums of 2016. Ren (lead singer) is doing a project with Peter Miles called Paste and they put this out a few months ago - https://soundcloud.com/user-577315323/we-might-be

Ta for the heads up - I’ve known of Petrol Girls but not checked them out until recently. Just awesome.

My band is doing a gig with Ren in May, really looking forward to it.

I dunno, feels a bit weird being a man sharing songs written by men in a ‘feminist song share’ thread

but basically lots of disco & show tunes - I am what I am, I will survive etc.

Men can’t be feminists?

We talked about this in a seminar at uni - it was a Portuguese culture class but my (gay) tutor specialised in queer studies and that particular class was about Amália Rodrigues, a fado singer and apparently a gay icon. His view was that a lot of gay men love those songs and idolise the women who sing them because they share the feelings of women who have to hide away, make themselves fit into a white macho society, overcome struggles with men or poverty or drugs etc. He also mentioned that a lot of gay men related to the tragic stories of a lot of those women e.g. Whitney Houston and Amália herself.

Don’t really want to keep going as I’m not a gay man or black woman and therefore not really qualified to talk about it, also trying to avoid generalising so the above is a bit of a mess, but that was the general picture I took away from his class


sure men can be feminists/feminist allies (depending on how you slice your onions) but a major problem is the male voice crowding out the female voice in feminist spaces (sorry for the binarism) - ironic given that that is what I’m doing just now in this thread :confused:

great that the songs I mentioned are something of a shared voice between gay pride & feminism in shouting down the oppression of hetero-cis-white-partriarchy but yeah, the problem remains in some ways. Of course you could argue that the death of the author & all that …means what I’m saying here is guff & I Will Survive is every bit as much a feminist anthem as a gay anthem but…well, like I said it feels a bit weird for me to be a man sharing songs written by men in a ‘feminist song share’ thread

but it is isn’t about me, sorry if it seems I’m policing anything - that’s not my intention at all - carry on sharing stuff & I hope this little aside is not too much of a distraction/downer on the thread

Nah, you’re not policing. But please explain what you mean by “the death of the author” - is that referring to how certain works of art, songs in particular, can become detached from their creators and take on a new significance?

yeah, precisely that

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The video starts off a bit slut-shamy which isn’t cool though

That Petrol Girls song is fantastic :+1: reminds me a bit of the best parts of 90s post-hardcore.

My contribution would be the now sadly defunct GLOSS

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Played a gig with Petrol Girls last year and they’re fucking PHENOMENAL live. Go and see them.