FEMO (female- led Emo)

Ok, so just fell for that Camp Cope album from last year and been rinsing Illuminati Hotties, awakebutstillinbed records too.
Any other quality female led Emo esque stuff worth a shout?

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Aye Nako. :ok_hand:

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Also Martha.

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Swift!!! Thanks

Jejune, Rainer Maria…

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Also I know they’re technically slowcore but I’ve always thought of Carissa’s Wierd as pretty emo


Never really had illuminati hotties as emo really. But Great Grandpa are a good bet if you like them. And kississippi too. And Remember Sports.

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I ain’t listened to much of em, but Japanese Breakfast’s old band Little Big League probably count here. If you like J-Brekkie, ‘Boyish’ (and possibly some other tracks?) was recorded by them in an earlier form

You have just reminded me that I saw Jejune play upstairs in a Brighton pub twenty years ago. Blimey.

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is this an actual term or have you just made it up?

either way football,etc are a good band


Thank you for reminding me of the Carissa’s Wierd song I really liked (simply cause I haven’t heard much more than this one track, though I’ve found they’re one of those lovely bands that have brought their back catalogue to Bandcamp sooooo)

(love this so much, and remember listening to it on a loop so many times in about 2010/11)

along similar lines (and they’re a band I need to re-listen to) The Sonora Pine have that '90s emo feel – especially the gentle-ish mathy guitar work, which is obvs related to their lineage to the whole massive Slint / Rodan family tree


that newest rainer maria album is great

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I’ve been told that they’re emo

I will second this Great Grandpa recommendation, love that band! ‘Plastic Cough’ is a superb record

Not sure if it fits the bill but Petal is great, the whole of the Magic Gone record is worth a listen

I don’t know if they’re strictly “emo” but I am in love with the Press Club album from last year, Late Teens. Ridiculously good live, too.

yea i was really surprised at how good it was.

Not as emo as the old stuff though, which, 1st LP in particular, has a classic 'mo sound