Fenino 2017:2 (Cambridge DiS meet)

Want to meet other DiSers?
Want to drink your way round the lovely pubs of Cambridge?
Want to meet Public Enemy Art Garfunkel (and possibly Honey)?
Want to learn how to play card strategy games?
Want to be refused entry to a hotel bar at 11.30 at night?

Then FENINO is the place for you!

If you’d like to come along, please respond to this handy poll with your availability. (NB: further polls may be issued as we’re really amazing at organising stuff).

  • 22nd April
  • 29th April
  • 6th May
  • 13th May
  • 20th May

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will need to check on the THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS ™ calendar at home.

Alright Yoda


I want to hear more about the hotel bar.


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I voted yes for everything, but regionals haven’t been announced yet so I don’t actually know.

This sounds like the opening scene of a teen cheerleading movie.


There’s not that much to tell! As usual, the Flying Pig messed with our plans (kicked us out at 11.20 when our train wasn’t until 00:10) - we stumbled our way to the station and then @sadpunk tried to use his work swipe card to get us through the doors of the Ibis bar. I think he probably tried the whole “my card’s now working!” thing, but when a nice lady came out to see what we were doing, we had to admit that we weren’t guests.

I then cadged 50p off sadpunk (I think) as I didn’t have enough money for a bottle of water at the station, and I had a raging thirst from all that ale.

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Much like Fenino then

^all that, and frank + public enemy art Garfunkel are getting married.

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I’d have been a hero if the card had worked though. A hero.

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i really want to go back to this one pub in cambridge to take a photo i fucked up last time i was there so might be up for this. oh and to meet you lot n all

Any idea which pub? If it was at the Osborne Arms, it’s been demolished (/fired into space)

hmm can’t remember the name but it was highly recommended, and to get to it to had to cross a field and go through a couple of backalleys and there was tons of crap all over the walls. quite tiny but good

Oh, could be the Free Press or the Elm Tree? Across the way from Parker’s Piece. Unless you’re talking about an actual field, in which case shrugs

yes! elm tree sounds familiar! think that’s it

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Yeah it’s a good pub. We’ve ended up in the Free Press before which is across the way and also very decent. IMHO you’re spoilt for choice around there.

I can confirm that Honey will attend.


@plasticniki / @plasticmike
@WizardLizard (if you fancied combining a grandparent visit with a Fenino)
@Raanraals ???

Vote! :slight_smile: