FENINO: Spring forward!



Let’s ruddy do it!

@colon_closed_bracket @Epimer @Raanraals (who may be a bonafide fen-dweller by this time!) @sadpunk @shucks @thewarn

Have I forgotten anyone? Probably.

When shall we do it? April, once the clocks have changed? March?


@saps !

Also as outside shots - @plasticniki @plasticmike @hip_young_gunslinger

All others welcome :slight_smile:


Oh bloody hell, sorry @saps - I had about a pint of gin last night.


oh and @ColonClsdParenthasis


Sounds shit. Let’s do it!!!


I prefer Cambridge to March though

Hahahahahahahahahahaha Fens humour.



I’m in, as long as we can go to the Petersfield and nobody asks any questions about my suspiciously large coat.


You know, Mrs HYG is going to the US for FOUR NIGHTS in April leaving me with the baby, so I’m definitely going to have some days off in return. So if the date works, I’m in!


count me in for saying i might come, forgetting about it and then not coming.*

*with a 15% percent chance that i actually i might


DATES THEN (spanning March and April, and excluding the 31st March as selfishly I can’t make that day)

  • 10 March
  • 17 March
  • 24 March
  • 7 April
  • 14 April
  • 21 April

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Buy a few drinks and Downham


Potentially in depending on date.


All fine except for the 17th, as it’s Dr Mrs Dr Epimer’s 30th birthday weekend, and also I’m not going near a pub on St Patrick’s Day.



L-R me, @thewarn , @saps, @smiggsy, @shucks


I see you @Witches



I was just going to say I hope you guys end up having it the same time as the Glasgow one!! But then i stopped because well, it doesn’t matter. I’m just being over excited :blush:


Alright Groove Armada


Making jokes based on semi-obscure lyrical references to the Fenino crowd?! Know your audience, Vale.